What Is Your Vision?

You’re thinking about it. Amidst all of the other “stuff” you are thinking about – the practical stuff – your phone, your practice management system, and your business cards.  You wrestle with the question of what you want your firm to become. It is a question that will never leave you. Do you want to … Read more

Ryan McKeen Named A New Leader In The Law

Writing my own headlines….about me…..in the third person…it doesn’t get any lamer. Not for a second. The Connecticut Law Tribune has named me a 2016 New Leader In The Law. I am among 37 winners, who were judged by a panel of four judges for development of the law, advocacy/community contributions, service to the bar, … Read more

SaneBox Review: Great For Lawyers

A 154,000 emails. That is how many emails I have received in 3 years. If you are like me, you struggle with email.  On one hand email is very convenient. When I first started practicing in 2005, I didn’t have an email account. All correspondence was by mail. I would receive a letter. Think about … Read more

Starting A Solo Law Firm Without An Office

“Alright let’s meet in the McDonald’s parking lot in Windsor to sign documents”. “Sure I can drive to your home in Putnam for a meeting”. “How about Plaza Azteca on the Berlin Turnpike”. When I started my journey in self employment as a lawyer I didn’t have an office. I didn’t have an office for … Read more

Enter Fall

Summer in New England always ends with a thunderstorm. Always. This past weekend was hot. Walking between Hartford courts on Friday – I could have sworn it was the hottest day of the year. On Sunday morning the skies turned grey, the wind picked up, the rain was pouring, and there was thunder. As quickly … Read more

Using x.ai to Better Serve Clients

Juggling my schedule is difficult. In this short week, I have a panel meeting, 3 pretrials, a status conference, an evidentiary hearing, multiple client meetings, and we start jury selection. There’s a telephone conference with my accountant. And another one with a vendor. Those are just my professional obligations. On the personal side there is … Read more

Audible – The Best Buy In Attorney CLE

It’s a beautiful summer day. I’m on a walk. The weather is perfect. As I make my way down by the river, I’m listening to an audio book. I’m learning from Gerry Spence about how to make a closing argument. Spence is one of the greatest trial lawyers ever. He teaches a college in Wyoming … Read more

Pro Tip On Bringing Your Cell Phone To Court

Can I take my cell phone to court? The answer is yes. Yes with a slight caveat. You can’t use your phone while court is in session. Nor can your phone make any noise. You don’t want to have a marshal take your phone. Or fine you. Or disrupt court proceedings. You really don’t. I … Read more

Using Amazon Dash Buttons In Your Law Firm

If you are running a small law firm there are all sorts of things – taxes, insurance audits, payroll, vendors and the list goes on. The work never stops in a day. You just stop working that day. Using Amazon Dash Buttons in your law firm makes life 250% more awesome. Guaranteed. You need to … Read more