Using Amazon Dash Buttons In Your Law Firm

If you are running a small law firm there are all sorts of things – taxes, insurance audits, payroll, vendors and the list goes on. The work never stops in a day. You just stop working that day. Using Amazon Dash Buttons in your law firm makes life 250% more awesome. Guaranteed. You need to … Read more

Picture Your First Day As A Solo

What will your first day as a solo look like? Picture your first day. Four years ago. I’m sitting here. On a bucket…or maybe it was a step ladder. Or a fixture that had been abandoned by a clothing store that previously occupied the space. There is dust. There is an old record – maybe … Read more

Choose Your Own Success

One of the ways you can lose your mind in this business – any business – is to compare your success to others. This is a scarcity mindset. The feeling that no matter what we do that it is not enough. Scarcity is deeply rooted in the legal profession. Success looks something like go to … Read more

Practice Gratitude

We can spend our entire lives in scarcity . . . just waiting for for the other shoe to drop and wondering when it will all fall apart. Or, we can lean into the uncertainty and be thankful for what we have in that precious moment. When I’m standing at the crossroads of fear and … Read more

Change One Thing

The only thing that has been a constant in my life the past 4 years is change. I left a good job. That was the first change. The change that started a lot of other changes. I have committed to improving my law practice by joining a community of some of the finest lawyers in … Read more

Starting a Law Firm? Choose Action

When you are starting or running a small practice there is no shortage of decisions to make. What is my firm name? What is my url? Who is going to host my website? Should I have a logo? There is endless advice on all of these topics on the internet. My advice to you is … Read more


Well….I haven’t posted a lot recently. And that’s a good thing. A real good thing. Lots of fantastic things happening behind the scenes.  Our team is growing and getting stronger. We’re opening a new office. New logo. New approach to our website. Stuff that has been years in the making. Things that are really going … Read more

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