The End of Summer

The end of summer is coming for too soon. The calendar says we have another three weeks. I don’t believe the calendar. Summer ends when school starts. That’s this week. I don’t want summer to end. Don’t get me wrong – September is the most spectacular month in Connecticut. Warm and dry air. Cool nights. … Read more

Generating Web Content Ideas

This episode of “Ask Ryan” addresses generating web content ideas for attorneys and law firms – topics for blog posts, linkedin articles, and youtube videos. Hey Ryan, would you mind sharing your system for coming up with blog topics/video topics? Do you just have a couple go to sites? -Robert from the Midwest.

Connecticut Trial Firm’s No Wait Guarantee

We hate waiting. This is Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC’s “No Wait” Guarantee. If we don’t see you within 5 minutes of a scheduled meeting time at our office we’ll give you a $25 Amazon Gift card. Your time matters to us. Your personal injury case matters to us. You matter to us. Call us to … Read more

Be Kind To Yourself

One of the great struggles I’m having in reclaiming my life as a runner is being kind to myself. There’s a voice in my head that says terrible things. Things that I would never say to anyone else. Things like “you’re so out of shape” or “you are so slow” or “you are so fat”. … Read more

Ask About Legal Malpractice Insurance

Hiring a lawyer? Ask this question about legal malpractice insurance. Also checkout my first Facebook live video below. This post deals with legal malpractice Insurance. I have done 100s if not 1000s of potential client interviews. I have never been asked about my insurance. Connecticut lawyers are not required to insurance. Nor are they required … Read more

Ruby Receptionists Review

On this episode of “Ask Ryan” I review Ruby Receptionists.  Ruby Receptionists answers phones. That is what they do. This is my Ruby Receptionists review. I answered my phones for the first two years of practice. It wore on me. It made it hard to get work done. All I was doing was answering my … Read more

Trial Presentation: Getting Evidence On A Screen

We’re often asked how we do it. How to get your documents on a screen in court? How to display video in court? How to show pictures to a jury? This post is about trial presentation: getting evidence on a screen. We’re often asked about our trial presentation process. Here’s our secret sauce. Epson EX3240 … Read more

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