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Hiring a lawyer? Ask this question about legal malpractice insurance. Also checkout my first Facebook live video below.

This post deals with legal malpractice Insurance. I have done 100s if not 1000s of potential client interviews. I have never been asked about my insurance.

Connecticut lawyers are not required to insurance. Nor are they required to disclose that they don’t carry legal malpractice insurance.

Lawyers can commit legal malpractice in a variety of ways. The most common way is failing to file suit within the statute of limitations period or failing to give proper notice.  Lawyers can also commit malpractice by wrongfully settling your case. Make no mistake about it, legal malpractice insurance protects clients.

Every lawyer can make a mistake. Experienced lawyers. New lawyers. At firms large and small. To err is to human. Law is harsh. Law has a lot of deadlines.


My partner, Andrew Garza writes in response to the video: I can’t agree more. Time and time again I’ve told fellow attorneys that legal malpractice insurance is not just for them (though it is certainly important to protect yourself too). It’s a sign that the lawyer truly cares about their clients. No lawyer wants to make a mistake. But, every lawyer should want to make sure their client’s recovery is not lost if a mistake does happen.

Ask Us About Legal Malpractice Insurance

Your case is important. Don’t wait until it is too late to find out your lawyer doesn’t carry insurance. Empower yourself. Ask the question directly to the lawyer you are interviewing. The answer should be straightforward.

Connecticut Trial Firm LLC carries legal malpractice insurance. We welcome tough questions from potential clients. If you have a question about a Connecticut legal malpractice case contact Ryan at 860 471 8333.

Does Your Lawyer Have Legal Malpractice Insurance?
Does Your Lawyer Have Legal Malpractice Insurance?

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