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Legal Tech by CT Attorney Ryan McKeen
Legal Tech by CT Attorney Ryan McKeen

Trial Presentation: Getting Evidence on A Screen

A clean trial presentation is a must. Here is how I do it. This post contains every piece of hardware and software necessary to provide you with the tools the pros use at a reasonable cost. Quit paying someone to set up your projector. Trial Presentation: Getting Evidence on A Screen

A Robot Does My Scheduling. Her Name Is Amy

Juggling my law practice schedule is difficult. In this short week, I have a panel meeting, 3 pretrials, a status conference, an evidentiary hearing, multiple client meetings, and we start jury selection. There’s a telephone conference with my accountant. And another one with a vendor. Those are just my professional obligations. On the personal side there is getting children to school and daycare. There’s soccer practice on Thursday. And I have a doctor’s appointment. That’s your week, too.  A month ago I started using is a scheduling bot. Learn about Amy here. She’s awesome. She even sent me a real gift. For real.

Legal Tech: 4 Steps To Going Paperless

Do you want a paperless law practice? Are you lost on where to start? Good news. Here’s where you start. This is one of the shortest posts that I’ve written. I cut to the chase. The paper chase. Learn the 4 Steps to Going Paperless here.

Legal Tech: Ruby Receptionists Review

One of the first/best things you should hire someone to do is answer your phones. We use Call Ruby. Here’s my review of Ruby Receptionists. 

Legal Tech: Solving Email Overload

A 154,000 emails. I receive 100s of non-essential emails every day – listservs, newsletters, and ads. The struggle is real.Emails from clients and counsel are very important. Listserv emails are non-essential. Enter Sanebox. Here is my Review of SaneBox.

Legal Tech: Amazon Dash Buttons May Make Your Life Easier

If you are running a small law firm there are all sorts of things – taxes, insurance audits, payroll, vendors and the list goes on. The work never stops in a day. You just stop working that day. Using Amazon Dash Buttons in your law practice makes life 250% more awesome. Guaranteed. Using Amazon Dash Buttons In Your Law Firm

Legal Tech: Use A Password Manager

You have 154 accounts that require logins and passwords. Passwords are low hanging fruit for hackers. Protect yourself. Protect your clients. You law practice demands it. Use A Password Manager

Legal Tech: Tracking Your Mileage

When I started my own firm, one of the things I was very bad at was keeping track of my mileage. Come tax time, my accountant would ask for my mileage log. I would then look back at my calendar, open google maps, and calculate mileage based on what was in my calendar. Things like trips to get supplies or to the bank never made my spreadsheet. As of March 30, 2016, the current IRS mileage rate is $.54. That adds up quickly. Here’s how to Track Your Mileage – The Easy Way.

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