Legal Malpractice

What Is Legal Malpractice?

Legal malpractice in Connecticut is the term for negligence by an attorney that causes harm to a client.

A person making a legal malpractice claim must prove that the attorney’s acts were not merely the result of poor strategy, but that they were the result of errors that no reasonably prudent attorney would make.

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Hire A Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer With Malpractice Insurance

Hiring a Connecticut personal injury lawyer? Ask this question about legal malpractice insurance. Also checkout my first Facebook live video below. This post deals with legal malpractice Insurance. I have done 100s if not 1000s of potential client interviews. I have never been asked about my insurance. Connecticut lawyers are not required to insurance. Nor are they required to disclose that they don’t carry legal malpractice insurance. I carry malpractice insurance to protect my clients. Learn your rights here. 

My Lawyer Shouldn’t Have Settled My Case

Do you feel like you didn’t get a good settlement? Or your attorney failed to explain to you the terms of the settlement? Do you regret settling your case? Did your attorney commit malpractice in settling your case?  Read the Connecticut Personal Injury Vault on the this issue. 

Did My Lawyer Commit Dram Shop Notice Malpractice

A drunk driver caused your car wreck. Was the driver drinking at a bar? That bar may be responsible for damages of up to $250,000 if they negligently served the person who hit you alcohol. They may be liable for more if the service was reckless. A lawyer must give notice within 120 days of the date of the injury. In the case of a death or incapacity, notice must be filed within 180 days. If notice is not filed, a claim cannot be made against the bar for damages. Did your lawyer investigate your case?   Read about dram shop malpractice here.

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Can I Sue My Attorney?

Can I Sue My Attorney? Lawsuits against lawyers and attorneys are called “legal malpractice” cases. Lawyers can screw up in a number of ways. The most common errors that lawyers make are failing to file cases or notices in time – blowing a statute of limitations. And failing to file costs the client their claim. For example failing to give a town notice of a sidewalk or road defect. Can I Sue My Attorney? What Do I have To Prove? In a legal malpractice action, the client must prove 3 elements. Read what they are here. 

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