How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take?

How long will my personal injury case take? Personal injury attorneys commonly advertise on TV (we don’t). The ads can be boiled down to “call us and get money fast”. As if being in a car wreck or losing a dear loved one is like drawing a winning scratch ticket from the local gas station. Here is the truth. The 5 reasons your case may take a while to resolve.

The End of Summer

The end of summer is coming for too soon. The calendar says we have another three weeks. I don’t believe the calendar. Summer ends when school starts. That’s this week. I don’t want summer to end. Don’t get me wrong – September is the most spectacular month in Connecticut. Warm and dry air. Cool nights. … Read more

The Beginning

The Beginning.

You decide to play whatever CD is in your car CD Player. You hope it’s not Kidz Bop. You’re relieved when Pearl Jam’s “Backspacer” comes on. You think the album is great. Then it happens. The only thing you remember is the noise. That terrible sound. You wake up. You’re in the hospital. You don’t know what happened. You don’t know what day it is. Everything hurts. Bad. You first thought is about your family. Are they okay? This is the beginning.

Talk To Their Insurance Company?

When I was hurt in a car wreck, the “guy who hit me”‘s insurance company kept calling me. They wanted to interview me. To get my side of what happened. As if their was some other side. The cops cited the other guy for failing to yield the right of way. I was in some serious pain. Yet their adjuster kept calling me. Did I have to talk to her…

Suing A Connecticut Town or School

Perhaps no area of Connecticut personal injury law is as muddled and confusing as bringing a claim against a city, town, or school board. This post is about muncipal immunity. Empower yourself. Learn more.

First Steps In A Connecticut Wrongful Death Claim

The first steps in a Connecticut wrongful death claim are important steps. I’ve been there with clients. I’ve been at the homes of grieving families. Folks who thought their loved one was coming home. Folks who got that call or an officer knocking on their door. It’s devastating. I understand that knowledge can empower families through the legal process. And I invite you to learn more about some of the first critical steps in a wrongful death claim here.

Connecticut Personal Injury Arbitration

Connecticut personal injury arbitration can be an effective way to resolve cases. You are going about your daily routine. And then something happens. A dog bites you. A car comes crashing into you. You fall on ice and break your leg. Your lawyer tells you your cases been dismissed for failing to file paperwork. Learn more about arbitration as a way to resolve your case.