Change One Thing

The only thing that has been a constant in my life the past 4 years is change. I left a good job. That was the first change. The change that started a lot of other changes.

I have committed to improving my law practice by joining a community of some of the finest lawyers in the country – The Rosen Institute. These lawyers are the cutting edge. From them I learn and share ideas and processes that have immeasurable impact on the services I am able to provide to my clients.

One of the things that I am doing at the institute is an accountability group. The group is comprised of 5 lawyers across the country. We meet bi-weekly and commit to doing some task to improve our practice. We then report back.

Last week, I committed to doing a relatively small task. When I looked under the hood and made the change – I found other changes and then other and then others. I became consumed by my side project. Going to bed way past my bedtime for the past 10 days.

I have also found myself more energized in everything I do.

Whatever improvement you are thinking of making in you practice – make it. Make the small improvement. Once you change anything you may find yourself changing everything.