Enter Fall

Summer in New England always ends with a thunderstorm. Always.

This past weekend was hot. Walking between Hartford courts on Friday – I could have sworn it was the hottest day of the year. On Sunday morning the skies turned grey, the wind picked up, the rain was pouring, and there was thunder. As quickly as it came it was over. When it left the humidity was gone. 

Cooler days and cooler nights are upon us. My winter supply of pellets is being delivered this week. Professional football minus Tom Brady is being played.


In practice, fall begins anew. Judges get new assignments. The docket gets longer. Cases get tried. Fall in the practice of law feels like spring. Things happen fast and furiously. The daylight is shorter and the work days longer.

Continuing legal education classes and conferences return from their summer hiatus.

Fall is intense.

I’ll enjoy the mums, blue skies, and the first time I put on a sweater.

I welcome the professional opportunities of the fall to try some cases, improve my skills by attending incredible legal education, and support my community with the Race To Fill The Pantry.

Seize the fall, I say. Seize it.

Winter is too soon.