What Is A Conservator and What Does A Conservator Do?

I hear and read a lot about conservatorships in Connecticut. What is a conservator? What does a conservator do? In Connecticut, a proposed conserved person is required by statute to receive a notice of the possible consequences of a conservatorship. The notice offers a good general explaination of what a conservatorship is, your rights in a conservatorship … Read more

Opening Day > Law

Today is opening day. As I sit here writing this entry (not yet having finished lunch) the Red Sox are 1 and 0, in first place in the AL East and a half game up on the Yankees. Here are links to some of my favorite baseball sites on the internet: Fangraphs – A fascinating way … Read more

Connecticut Law: Don’t Dye The Easter Bunny

In the Easter spirit, today, I’m taking a look at Connecticut rabbit law. Yes, Connecticut has a statute about rabbits. In Connnecticut, it is illegal for a person to sell or give away a live rabbit that has been dyed, colored or otherwise treated so as to import to them an artificial color.  Any person who … Read more

Who is a dog’s keeper?

The Connecticut Supreme Court just ruled on a case that helps to further clarify who is the keeper of a dog in Connecticut. To be strictly liable for damages under the dog bite statute one must be deemed to be the keeper of a dog. In Auster v. Norwalk United Methodist Church the Supreme Court held … Read more

O’Child Support Legislation

With the prices of goods and fuel rising  and money harder to come by, it should come as no surprise that the Legislature is looking to make some changes to Connecticut’s child support laws. The Courant ran this article last week about a bill that would lengthen the amount of time that an obligor was required to pay … Read more

Taking Wine Home May Get A Little More Difficult

Last month, I wrote about taking an unfinished bottle of wine home from a restaurant. There is a bill pending before the legislature that would change the law to allow restaurant owners and employees to prevent intoxicated persons from removing an unfinished bottle of wine from the restaurant. It never struck me that under the current law, a … Read more

$75,000 For What?

Today’s edition of legislators legislating in an election year: $75,000.00 of your tax dollars for a Hartford West Indian Independence Day Celebration. Representative Kirkley-Bey has proposed a bill that would allocate $75,000.00 of your money to support the celebration of Hartford’s West Indian Independence Day Celebration. In doing some research for this entry, I found something that I … Read more

Legislature Considering Income Tax Deduction for Funeral Expenses

In case you needed another reason to pre-plan your funeral, the Legislature just may give you one. The Legislature is considering a bill that would allow individuals who earn less than $150,000.00 per year, and who pay state income tax a personal income tax deduction for funeral expenses not to exceed $5,000.00.

Connecticut Ticket Reselling Legislation

It’s an election year and our legislature is hard at work legislating. This week at www.aconnecticutlawblog.com , I’ll be taking a look at pending legislation in Connecticut. Each day, I’ll tackle a different bill. Today’s edition of legislators legislating in an election year is: ticket reselling. Raised Bill No. 5771 is offensively titled: “An Act Concerning … Read more

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