Sunday Real Estate Contracts in Connecticut

Did you ever worry that if you entered into a real estate contract on a Sunday that it would be invalid? I haven’t and it turns out with good reason because Connecticut has a statute that says real estate contracts and leases entered into on Sundays are valid: No provision of section 53-302a shall be … Read more

Adverse Possession: The Pictures That Prove

In case you needed it, I have yet another reason to keep those old pictures of family picnics: adverse possession. Most broadly defined, adverse possession, is a method of acquiring title to real property without compensation by possession for a statutory period of time under certain conditions. Black’s Law Dictionary. In Connecticut, to acquire title … Read more

Avoiding a Conservatorship in Connecticut

Rick Green wrote this article about how ugly a conservatorship proceeding can turn in Connecticut. I’ve represented people who have been involved in very difficult conservatorship proceedings that end up being a drain on not only their finances but their dignity. Contested conservatorship proceedings are often harder fought than Hillary v. Obama. They’re ugly for all … Read more

Connecticut Probate Courts Lack Security

Last weekend, the Hartford Courant ran another editorial arguing for probate court consolidation. Lost in all of the politics of the situation is the glaring fact that Connecticut Probate Courts lack security. One of the issues that the Courant never seems to address in making the argument for consolidation is the lack of security in probate … Read more

The Right To Dry: Connnecticut, Clotheslines, Apartments and Condos

  Bill Leukhardt of the Hartford Courant wrote this interesting article on a bill before the legislature that would give tenants and residents of condominiums and apartment buildings “the right to dry” their clothes using solar power.   Here is a link to the bill itself. The  “right to dry” bill would allow landlords and condominium associations the right … Read more

When Cats Attack

  So often it’s the dogs that get all of the bad press. Here at aconnecticutlawblog, make no bones about it – I’m a dog person. In the interest of equal time, I’ve decided to write about cat bite  law. Today, the Connecticut Supreme Court released an opinion holding that when a cat has a propensity to attack … Read more

Citing The Wrong Floor Results In A Defective Notice To Quit

Judge Weise in Hartford Housing Session held that a notice to quit was defective when it named the right street, right room number, but wrong floor. Lim v. Dasilva (Doc. No. HDSP-144141 (Weise J.). The defendant resided in room number six on the third floor and the notice to quit described the premises as room number … Read more

Turn On Your Headlights During A Snowstorm

Driving to work today, in a snowstorm, I noticed several cars operating without their headlights on. Not only is driving without your headlights on really stupid, potentially negligent, and dangerous – it’s illegal in Connecticut: Every vehicle upon a highway within this state shall display such lighted lamps and illuminating devices as may be required …  at any time … Read more

Connecticut Criminal Records Now Online

I just recently discovered that the Judicial Branch Website has been updated to include Conviction and Bond Forfeiture Dispositions for Criminal and Motor Vehicle offenses since 2000.  The site is now searchable by a criminal defendant’s last name. Click here for the link.  The site has the following disclaimers: Each Criminal And Motor Vehicle Charge … Read more

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