Connecticut Evictions: Obtaining Judgment By Default

The notice to quit has been properly drafted and served. The complaint is both proper and has been served both properly on the tenant. The tenant has failed to appear after the return date and you are ready to file a motion for judgment by default for failing to appear. Not so fast, how can you prove your tenant is … Read more

Brought to you by …

Here at , I try not to take myself too seriously. The practice of law is serious enough. In keeping with this spirit and this writer’s love of baseball, (read me) has decided to sponsor two pages. For those of you who don’t know, is probably the premier website for baseball statistics … Read more

Taking Wine Home From Connecticut Restaurants

   Have you ever ordered a bottle of wine in a restaurant, enjoyed it, but did not finish it with your meal? In Connecticut, you can ask your server to put more than just your meal in your “doggie bag.”  By statute a restaurant patron is allowed to remove one unsealed bottle of wine for … Read more

Adoptions in Connecticut: Adopting Adults

Ever wish you were adopted by a wealthy person? Generally, when I think of adoption, I think of an adult adopting a minor child. However, an adult in Connecticut can agree to be adopted by another adult. Here’s the statute: Any person eighteen years of age or older may, by written agreement with another person at least … Read more

Connecticut Lottery Agreements: Mo Money Mo Problems

 The Connecticut Appeals Court has ruled a 1995 pact struck by two widowed sisters to split each other’s future gambling winnings is still binding despite the fact they no longer speak to one another.  Boston Herald, 02/04/2008 The case of Sokaitis v. Bakaysa has it all: money, a bitter family feud, lots of luck,  and an interesting legal controversy. … Read more

Protecting Pets in Connecticut

  Generally, the law treats animals, including household pets, as personal property. There is little legal distinction between your family pet and your computer.  Recognizing the increased value that our society places on pets and that some pets are subject to abuse, the legistlature enacted the following law:  …The court, in its discretion, may make such orders as it deems appropriate for the protection … Read more

Why Are Connecticut School Buses Yellow?

Have you ever wondered about this? I haven’t. This is not some kind of joke or trick question; it’s the law. Read for yourself: Each school bus shall be painted a uniform yellow color known as “National School Bus Glossy Yellow”, except for the fenders and trim which may be painted black and the roof which … Read more

Connecticut Dog Bite Law

  Meet my two year old dog, Brady. Along with all of the love and joy she brings into my life, she also brings a whole lot of liability and responsibility. As her owner am strictly liable for her actions. If she were to bite someone, I am responsible regardless of whether or not I did anything … Read more

Mortgage Rates Lowest Since 2004

Today’s Boston Globe has this article  which says that 30 year fixed mortgage rates are at there lowest since March of 2004. This should be welcome news to anyone looking to buy, sell, or refinance a home.  Hopefully, this helps to stimulate the Connecticut real estate market.

Res Ipsa House Trailer

I’ll let this Connecticut Statute speak for itself: 14-296a. House trailer not to be occupied when on highway No person or persons shall occupy a house trailer while it is being moved upon a public highway. Violation of this section shall be an infraction.  

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