Sorry Kids

In thumbing through the Connecticut General Statutes, I came across this law: “No person under eighteen years of age shall be admitted to any professional boxing exhibition, provided any person fourteen years of age or over may be admitted when accompanied by his parent or guardian.” Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 29-143x. The penalty for daring … Read more

The Picture In The Banner Of A Connecticut Law Blog

It’s hard to blog in the summer. Between yardwork, picnics, and the Red Sox, I don’t have as much time to write. In the winter, it’s easy to sit up in my office with a cup of coffee, watch the snow fall and write a few posts on a Sunday afternoon. So today, I’m digging … Read more


This blog is hot off the server and hopefully, in a few days, I’ll figure things out and post some substantive content in this space. This site will serve as my law blog. I’ll be writing about legal issues, the practice of law, Connecticut legal stories and really anything law related that interests me enough to write about … Read more