Connecticut Small Claims Courts Are A Big Mess

Centralizing Connecticut Small Claims has created a big headache for creditors and small businesses throughout the state. The purpose of small claims court is to provide a quick and inexpensive means to resolve a dispute. Connecticut small businesses heavily rely on the small claims process to collect debts. It’s common for a party to obtain judgment in small … Read more

“Moses’ Mother’s Day Ale” and Alcohol Advertising Laws in Connecticut

  Connecticut Liquor Regulations,  Sec. 30-6-A31a. Prohibited statements and illustrations (a) Restrictions. An advertisement of alcoholic liquor shall not contain: (4) any statement, picture or illustration referring to Easter, Holy Week, Mother’s Day or “Santa Claus,” including names synonymous with “Santa Claus,” or the name of or any reference to or depiction of any biblical … Read more

A Potentially Big Break for Connecticut Small Businesses

The secretary of the state and a bipartisan group of state legislators said Thursday they will seek to abolish Connecticut’s annual $250 business entity tax during this year’s legislative session, which begins Feb. 6.  Hartford Courant, January 17, 2008 This should be welcome news to any small business or anyone interested in starting a small … Read more

Foul Ball Liability In Connecticut (He’s Out Part 2)

  I can practically feel the excitement of defense counsel in the case of Mantovani v. Yale University, 44 Conn.L.Rptr.13 (2007)(Cosgrove, J.)  when he or she read Teixeira v. New Britain Baseball Club, Inc.  and thought that their client would prevail on summary judgment. After all, Mr. Mantovani like Mr. Teixeira, was enjoying a cookout in the right field pavilion … Read more

Foreclosure Crisis Hurts Tenants In Connecticut

The Day runs this article which illustrates just how much of a foreclosure problem exists in Connecticut: “Personally, this has been a deeply troubling experience,” said state Banking Commissioner Howard F. Pitkin on Friday, referring to the subprime lending fallout. “The biggest concern is the economic consequences of this … how deep it will reach into … Read more

Connecticut Seaweed Law: Better Act Fast

Connecticut has a law about seaweed. Actually, the statute is titled “Marine vegetable deposits” which I guess is a politically correct term for seaweed. Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 50-8 reads as follows: No right in any marine vegetable deposit, thrown up by the sea or any navigable river shall be shall be acquired by any … Read more

He’s Out (Part 1)

  Jim Rice wasn’t elected to the Hall of Fame yesterday. What does this have to do with Connecticut law you might ask? The answer, as far as I can tell is nothing other than inspiring me to write a baseball law post.  What is interesting is the present divide in Connecticut superior courts on the issue of the … Read more

Teen Driving

I recall the chill of standing in the back of a packed Asylum Hill Congregational Church on a cold night last December, listening to Tim Hollister deliver the eulogy for his lost son, summing up a life ended too soon. –  Rick Green, Hartford Courant, 01/08/2008 I also recall, and will never forget, the chill of … Read more

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