A Reason Connecticut Law Firms Shouldn’t Have Spam Filters…

In yesterday’s entry I discussed the case of Mantovani v. Yale University.

Buried in Judge Cosgrove’s opinion is the following paragraph:

The court notes that the danger of a foul ball line drive was demonstrated by the recent death of a minor league first base coach who was struck by a line drive foul ball while in the coaching box. See www.SI.com (Search on website for “Tulsa Drillers’ first base coach killed by a line drive” posted Monday July 23, 2007 at 2:57 a.m.).

It brings me joy to think of reading SI.com as work.

On a more serious note, courts across the country are now using the internet to help explain complex legal issues.  In Scott v. Harris  the Supreme Court posted a hyperlink to video of a high speed chase in suburban Atlanta.

Martha Neil of the ABA Journal E-Report wrote a great article  on courts using  technology to understand and better explain legal issues.

So the next time I’m on www.sonsofsamhorn.net, I ‘ll tell my wife that I’m doing legal research.