On The Move

Late July 2013. I found myself suddenly solo. Suddenly needing a new office. Suddenly not knowing where to go.

It’s 2 am on Sunday morning. I’m on my ipad. I’m on loopnet. Scouring Hartford County for a space to hang my shingle.

There was a small office space available near where my running club met. I thought this was as good of a reason as any to check it out. I did.

On Monday, I had agreed to lease terms. On Tuesday, I had signed a lease.

I picked out carpet. Ordered furniture. Hired a painter. And 3 weeks later, I moved in.

The space is beautiful. I like the porch. I’ll miss sitting on the porch.

It’s now time to move on.

Time for Allison to have an office. Time for Andrew to get an office with a window. Time for more friends to join us.

Time to design a space that better serves the needs of our respective clients. Time to collaborate with friends.

We’re designing, buying, and building our new home. We’re staying in Glastonbury.

Coming Summer of 2015….

What Makes A Successful Lawyer?

“We are measuring success wrong. We measure by verdict size, not contribution, not impact. A truly successful lawyer is one who has laid it all out for an insignificant case, risked everything because it was the right thing to do. Measure by what kind of justice was given. Give the message that you care! A successful lawyer is a lawyer who honors real people.” – Gerry Spence

Few lawyers, by any measure, have been more successful than Spence. We are grateful for Spence’s commitment to educating trial lawyers.

Reading everything Spence has written is a prerequisite for this list. 

Injured By A Reckless Driver In Connecticut? 4 Things You Need To Know

Reckless driving needlessly endangers us all. Those who choose to drive recklessly need to be held accountable for the harms and losses they cause.

Whenever we review a personal injury case, we investigate to see if a driver was operating recklessly.

What is reckless driving?

Connecticut law provides that no person shall operate any motor vehicle upon any public highway of the state recklessly, having regard to the width, traffic and use of such highway, the intersection of streets and the weather conditions.

How do we determine if a driver is reckless? We look for the following factors:

1.  Was the person operating a motor vehicle recklessly when that person does so knowing or having reason to know of facts that create a high degree of risk of physical harm to another and deliberately proceeds to act in conscious disregard of, or with indifference to, that risk?

2.  Was a person operating a motor vehicle recklessly when that person knows or has reason to know of facts that create a high degree of risk?

3.   Was the operation of a motor vehicle upon any public highway at such a rate of speed as to endanger the life of any person other than the operator of the motor vehicle?

 4. Did the operation of a motor vehicle upon any public highway at a rate of speed greater than eighty-five miles per hour?

If any of those 4 factors are present, the person who caused your injuries may be responsible for reckless driving.

Reckless driving may entitle you to double or treble damages.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Connecticut, contact us for a no-charge consultation. McKeen Law Firm, LLC can make it right. (860) 471-8333


I Was Injured In A Car Accident. Will An Attorney Take A Fee On The Property Damage Settlement?

We can’t answer for what other attorneys may do.

At McKeen Law Firm, LLC we never take a fee on a property damage settlement for a car wreck.

When folks get hurt by someone choosing to violate safety rules, our job is to help get them back on their feet as soon as possible. For many folks, a car is a lifeline to get to their jobs and school.

When a car is totaled, folks need a new vehicle as soon as possible.  We’re here to help make sure the insurance company promptly pays you full value for your loss. And when we do so, we hand the whole check over to you.

When your car needs to be fixed that money needs to go to fixing it.

Some other attorneys may see this differently and charge a fee. Not us. Not now. Not ever.

There is no charge for a consultation and never a fee unless we recover for you.

Injured in a car accident? Need Help. Contact Connecticut Attorneys at McKeen Law Firm, LLC. The CT Law Tribune’s Personal Injury Hall of Fame Recently Recognized McKeen Law Firm, LLC for its outstanding results. We can help. Call us (860) 471-8333 or contact us using the form below.

Top Ten Books For Your Personal Injury Trial Practice

On The Password Protected Post:

Blackhats need not apply. Password protecting this one. Too good to post without a password.

I’m going to be shifting more content behind a wall over the coming weeks and months. There are posts that I’ve been meaning to write for years that are suitable for a more limited audience.

Please email me at ryan@mckeenlawfirm.com if you are interested in reading this post. I will provide you with the password on three conditions: (1) you swear that you exclusively represent plaintiffs; (2) you are an attorney; and (3) you promise not to share this list.

Starting A Law Firm? Buy More of These 3 Things

When starting a law firm, you’ll face challenges large and small. This post focuses on 3 overcoming of the smaller challenges. Spending your money in these 3 areas can save you money, time, and embarrassment.

1.  Toner. Our office is paper-less. However, we still print things. You will too. Toner can be very expensive. Not having toner can be more expensive. You’ll never know when they will run out (even with your printer and computer monitoring toner levels). Safe bet is they will run out when you most need it. Always keep 2 additional toner cartridges on site.

2. Stamps. Like toner you’re likely to run out at exactly the wrong time. Getting a postage machine can be very expensive. And at the outset is probably not the best use of your funds. Get a Stamps.com account. Order postage labels in advance (get plenty of them). Never worry about running out of postage or having to go to the post office when your pressed for time again.

3. Memory. Invest in thy hard drive. Last year, I had to sell my Macbook Air and buy a new one. There was nothing wrong with my Macbook Air. It worked fine. What happened is my hard drive filled up.  Law is a data intensive line of work. When I started out, I purchased the Macbook air with the smallest hard drive. 18 months later it was completely inadequate. Your practice will grow make sure your hard drive can grow along with it.

These are 3 of the smaller lessons that I’ve learned in starting my own practice. Especially when you’re starting out, its hard to figure out where to spend money. Buy extra toner, postage labels from Stamps.com, and more memory. You won’t ever regret doing so.

McKeen Law Firm is A Connecticut Law Firm.


I Was Injured. Will The Insurance Company Use Private Investigators To Follow Me?

For many folks the incident that caused an injury is just the start. The start of many more injuries to come. Chapter 1 of the Blackhat Bible for Defending Personal Injury cases is to keep adding insult to injury.

Whatever insurance company is representing the person who injures you is doing whatever they can to prevent you from recovering for the harms and losses that you’ve suffered. Make no mistake about it – they’re out to get you.

One of their “go to” tactics is to hire a private investigator to stalk you. They’ll pay some goon squad to video tape you grocery shopping.

The primary reason insurance companies do this is to intimidate someone their insured has injured into settling their claim for less than fair value. Frankly, it’s bullshit.

At McKeen Law Firm, we arm our clients against the goon squad. Here are some simple tips:

1. Talk with your neighbors. Ask them to report any unusual vehicles in your neighborhood. If they see something ask them to say something – call the police.

2. If you think you are being watched call the police. If at all possible get the vehicle’s license plates.

3. When it’s safe to do so – turn your cell phone’s video camera on and film the goons.

4. Immediately notify your lawyer that you are being followed.

5. They’re doing this to scare you. Being stalked is no joke. Consider going to counseling to address these fears.

Don’t let them intimidate you. That’s all they want. They want you to lose sleep thinking there’s someone in the bushes at your family picnic. That’s because insurance companies aren’t above putting a goon in those very bushes.

We’ve got more ideas on how to deal with this kind of stalking that we’re not going to share on this site. Too good to post. Don’t want the blackhats getting ahold of them. We know how to judo the goons.

It’s not fair. It’s not right. We know how to turn the tables on insurance companies.


Protecting Connecticut’s Children: Pass Senate Bill 1028 And Toll Statutes of Limitations For Minors

Connecticut has the terrible distinction of being the only State in the country that does not toll statute of limitations for minors. This is shameful. We shouldn’t lag every other state in protecting the rights of injured children.

In CT most claims must be brought within two years of the date the claim arose. For example if someone is in a car accident on January 1, 2015 that person has until January 1st of 2017 to file suit. Failing to file suite within the statute of limitations is in most cases an absolute bar to the claim.

Minors in CT cannot bring suit on their own. Any claims must be brought through their parent or guardian.

Under existing CT law if a minor (16 or younger) suffers injuries as a result of someone choosing to violate safety rules and his parents don’t bring suit he will never have the ability to seek compensation for the harms and losses he has suffered.

We know for a variety of reasons including shame and self preservation that minors may not immediately report harms and losses caused to them by a person bent on creating mayhem.

Senate Bill 1028 seeks to bring CT in line with beacons of more progressive states like Mississippi by tolling statutes of limitations for negligence until the child reaches the age of 19 or no more than 8 years from “the date the act or omission complained of.”

Connecticut Legislators should pass Senate Bill 1028. Providing folks with the opportunity to hold those who injure minors accountable for their actions makes us all safer. Accountability protects CT’s children and is good for us all.

When those who cause harms to children aren’t held accountable the costs shift on to the rest of us. Passing this bill is the right thing to do.

Injured? Get Transformative Justice

McKeen Law Firm, LLC tries to be a force for positive change and to making our community safer.

McKeen Law Firm, LLC, is committed to making our community safer not only through litigation that holds wrongdoers accountable, but through legislative and other advocacy action that helps to correct unsafe conditions and prevent injuries on a pro bono basis.

We’ve advocated in criminal courts on behalf of victims. Making sure our clients views are heard by the State.

Our experience representing folks injured by folks choosing to violate safety rules are usually seeking more than compensation for their harms and losses. They are seeking to make sure someone else isn’t harmed the way they or their loved one was.

From your initial consultation and throughout our representation of you we will work with you for transformative justice. Justice that extends beyond holding wrongdoers accountable for mayhem and makes the community safer.

We are uniquely situated to help our clients in this respect. Allison McKeen drafted legislation for Connecticut’s General Assembly for 6 years.

Please contact us if we can help you. There is no additional fee for these services. It’s part of our commitment to our community and our clients.

Contact us if you are injured and would like to discuss how we can deploy transformative justice on your behalf. Call us at (860) 471-8333 or contact us using the form below for a no charge consultation.