Connecticut Dog Bite Law: The Tormenting Defense

Here’s one for the dog days of August. A Connecticut Superior Court has ruled that a plaintiff was not tormenting the defendant’s dog when the plaintiff was riding his bike in circles in front of the defendant’s house. Moreno v. Edgar (Doc. No. CV07-5004312S)(Alvord J. 2008). Here’s a quick summary of Connecticut dog bite law. Suffice … Read more

New Teen Driving Laws Go Into Effect Today

Connecticut’s tough new teen driving laws have gone into effect. The laws have some teeth as most offenses result in mandatory suspensions. Don’t even think about driving with a suspended license as it may put you in the fast lane to jail. When I interned at the State’s Attorneys Office in law school, part of … Read more

They’re Probably Suing For More

This morning while making breakfast, I had a local news station on. Somewhere between making the coffee and my english muffin, I heard a newscaster say that “so and so is suing so and so for fifteen thousand dollars.” I thought to myself “probably not.” I hear this several times a year on the news, so … Read more

Baseball Is A Contact Sport

Sometimes I love reading cases. In D’Amico v. Tomkalski, 1999 WL 162985 (1999), Judge Pellegrino writes a home run of an opinion. The plaintiff, a baserunner in a softball game, was struck by a ball thrown by a second baseman as he was either on the base path or moving out of the base path. The runner … Read more

Why bLAWg? Marketing

Why I don’t get clients from my blog. This blog is for you, the Slovakian guy, logging into this site at 3 a.m. eastern standard time, and reading about John Trautwein.

Passengers v. Southwest

I’m a regular reader of Jeanne Leblanc’s “Coach Class” blog at Yesterday, she posted about passengers suing Southwest over its failure to adequately inspect planes. Needless to say, Ms. Leblanc gets it right: Four passengers and a lawyer are trying to get a class-action suit going against Southwest Airlines over its failure to adequately … Read more

Who is a dog’s keeper?

The Connecticut Supreme Court just ruled on a case that helps to further clarify who is the keeper of a dog in Connecticut. To be strictly liable for damages under the dog bite statute one must be deemed to be the keeper of a dog. In Auster v. Norwalk United Methodist Church the Supreme Court held … Read more

When Cats Attack

  So often it’s the dogs that get all of the bad press. Here at aconnecticutlawblog, make no bones about it – I’m a dog person. In the interest of equal time, I’ve decided to write about cat bite  law. Today, the Connecticut Supreme Court released an opinion holding that when a cat has a propensity to attack … Read more

Turn On Your Headlights During A Snowstorm

Driving to work today, in a snowstorm, I noticed several cars operating without their headlights on. Not only is driving without your headlights on really stupid, potentially negligent, and dangerous – it’s illegal in Connecticut: Every vehicle upon a highway within this state shall display such lighted lamps and illuminating devices as may be required …  at any time … Read more