Turn On Your Headlights During A Snowstorm

Driving to work today, in a snowstorm, I noticed several cars operating without their headlights on. Not only is driving without your headlights on really stupid, potentially negligent, and dangerous – it’s illegal in Connecticut: Every vehicle upon a highway within this state shall display such lighted lamps and illuminating devices as may be required …  at any time … Read more

Connecticut Dog Bite Law

  Meet my two year old dog, Brady. Along with all of the love and joy she brings into my life, she also brings a whole lot of liability and responsibility. As her owner am strictly liable for her actions. If she were to bite someone, I am responsible regardless of whether or not I did anything … Read more

Foul Ball Liability In Connecticut (He’s Out Part 2)

  I can practically feel the excitement of defense counsel in the case of Mantovani v. Yale University, 44 Conn.L.Rptr.13 (2007)(Cosgrove, J.)  when he or she read Teixeira v. New Britain Baseball Club, Inc.  and thought that their client would prevail on summary judgment. After all, Mr. Mantovani like Mr. Teixeira, was enjoying a cookout in the right field pavilion … Read more

He’s Out (Part 1)

  Jim Rice wasn’t elected to the Hall of Fame yesterday. What does this have to do with Connecticut law you might ask? The answer, as far as I can tell is nothing other than inspiring me to write a baseball law post.  What is interesting is the present divide in Connecticut superior courts on the issue of the … Read more

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