What is A CT Injury?

medicaid liens on ct personal injury cases

What is a CT Injury? A lot of folks ask that question. Here are no nonsense answers. Knowledge is power. Learn more about CT personal injury claims here.

Expenses In CT Personal Injury Cases

Medicare Liens Connecticut Personal Injury Cases

What are some common expenses in CT Personal Injury cases? A lawyer’s goal must be to maximize the money in a client’s pocket. Expenses can eat into the amount of money that a client gets. We believe knowledge is power. Learn more about expenses here.

Injury Lawyers Who Go To Gaylord

Injury Lawyers Who Go To Gaylord

As you are lying in a hospital room it’s basically you and a TV. And on the TV is a constant barrage of ads for injury attorneys. And they all look the same. One lawyer indistinguishable from the next. All with some cheesy repetitive slogan. Where to turn? We are lawyers who go to Gaylord to answer your questions.

5 Things You Need To Know About Winning a CT Personal Injury Case

5 Things You Need To Know About Winning a CT Personal Injury Case

There are risks of losing a personal injury trial and there are risks of winning a personal injury trial. Knowing these risks help you make an informed decision about whether or not to settle your case. And these factors are why many cases settle. Sometimes winning a trial is just the beginning. Knowledge is power.

The Purpose of CT Injury Law

medicaid liens on ct personal injury cases

Holding wrongdoers accountable and making them take personal responsibility is what our country and legal system are founded on. We don’t do this for fun. Rather we do this because we know it saves lives. We know that standing up is hard. But when you stand up, the trucking company may change its rules. The driver may put his phone down.  And the only way you hold wrongdoers accountable is by making sure you are made whole.

Five Risks Of A Connecticut Personal Injury Trial

So here you are. You have been injured. You have been seriously injured in a trucking wreck. You ask your friends. You do your online research. And you meet with several lawyers before deciding on the one you believe to be best suited for your case. The lawyer has results, a record, and a commitment to you. You feel like you’re in good hands. But trial may be the only option. Learn 5 risks here.

How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take?

How long will my personal injury case take? Personal injury attorneys commonly advertise on TV (we don’t). The ads can be boiled down to “call us and get money fast”. As if being in a car wreck or losing a dear loved one is like drawing a winning scratch ticket from the local gas station. Here is the truth. The 5 reasons your case may take a while to resolve.

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