Personal Injury Mediation In Connecticut

You are going about your daily routine. And then something happens. A dog bites you. A car comes crashing into you. You fall on ice and break your leg. Your lawyer tells you your cases been dismissed for failing to file paperwork. Life changes on a dime. Is Connecticut personal injury mediation the right option? Contact Ryan McKeen 860 471 8333?

Route 2 Car Accident Attorney

medicaid liens on ct personal injury cases

Need a Route 2 car accident attorney?

Route 2 is home to beautiful rolling hills and winding roads. We love Route 2. It takes us from the city to the beach.

Need a Route 2 Car Accident Attorney? There are dangerous driving conditions and serious car accidents including on Route 2. You have drivers coming home drunk from the casino. Narrow two lane roads without shoulders. And plenty of cars driving way too fast. Learn your rights here. Get answers to common questions. Empower yourself.

Connecticut Personal Injury Trials

Movies, TV reports, and books are almost always written about one aspect of law: trial. No one has yet to sell a movie about the attorney who drafted the most amazing trust ever. This post explores the elements of a Connecticut personal injury jury tria

A Connecticut Law Blog Turns 9

Nine years ago, I’m sitting in my basement. I’m writing my first words on this blog. At the time, WordPress defaulted to making the first post read “Hello” – hence the title of my first post “Hello”.  I wrote: This blog is hot off the server and hopefully, in a few days, I’ll figure things out … Read more

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