A Connecticut Law Blog Turns 9

The original header on my blog.
The original header on my blog.

Nine years ago, I’m sitting in my basement. I’m writing my first words on this blog. At the time, WordPress defaulted to making the first post read “Hello” – hence the title of my first post “Hello”. 

I wrote:

This blog is hot off the server and hopefully, in a few days, I’ll figure things out and post some substantive content in this space.

This site will serve as my law blog. I’ll be writing about legal issues, the practice of law, Connecticut legal stories and really anything law related that interests me enough to write about it.  All that and I’ll probably work in some posts about Red Sox as well.

In the meantime, I wish you a very happy holiday season.

And though I have stopped writing about the Red Sox in this space the blog has remained otherwise true to its original purpose. The 955 posts on this blog tell the story of my journey as a lawyer. I’m grateful that this site has resonated with so many of you through the years. As of right now, WordPress says I’ve had 578,265 views on this site. Though at one point the stats on my site got deleted. And I believe that 578,265 number is low by about 100,000. Whatever the number, I’m grateful. I had no expectations that anyone other than my mom would ever click here.

In that time the American Bar Association has recognized the site as a top 100 law blog (2010). I have been linked to by the Wall Street Journal, Above the Law, Volokh Conspiracy, the Hartford Courant, Yale Law School, Boston Globe, Hartford Business Journal, Wikipedia, and a number of other media outlets and blogs.

This past year has been one of tremendous growth on this site. I have spent a lot of hours improving the backend of the site, to make it secure (HTTPS), mobile (AMP) and fast. I’ve also begun to organize my content with the law practice and personal injury vaults. I have also focused my posts to personal injury and law practice.

I have also posted a lot more than I have in recent years.

I believe 2016 has laid the foundation for a strong future for this site.

Thank you and happy holidays.