Glastonbury CT Wrongful Death Attorney

by Glastonbury CT Wrongful Death Attorney – Ryan McKeen

The first steps in a Connecticut wrongful death claim are important steps.

Glastonbury  CT Wrongful Death Attorney Ryan McKeen
Glastonbury CT Wrongful Death Attorney Ryan McKeen

I’ve been there with clients. I’ve been at the homes of grieving families. Folks who thought their loved one was coming home. Folks who got that call or an officer knocking on their door. It’s devastating.

And it is the most sacred honor in my career to help a family through this time. To listen. To answer the calls. To work with the police. To work with the media. And to make sure their the legal system starts working for them. To handle the things that the family shouldn’t have to. That’s the job of a Glastonbury CT wrongful death attorney.

What Is A Glastonbury Connecticut Wrongful Death Claim?

“Wrongful death” claims can arise from a number of different kinds of events including: car accidents, assaults, medical malpractice, an unsafe premises, construction or workplace accidents, unsafe roads or sidewalks, dog bites,  airplane or train crashes, motorcycle crashes, truck crashes, and negligent security. Basically any wrongful act that results in a death could result in a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death claim is brought under Connecticut General Statute 52-555.

How Long Do I Have to Bring A Wrongful Death Claim?

Generally all claims for negligence in Connecticut must be brought within 2 years of the act that caused the death. There are some exceptions to this. Though in some cases, notices have to be sent to proper parties within as little as 90 days.  This requires that an attorney be diligent and cover all bases. For example, a defective road notice may have to be given before a police report has been released. Independent of any police investigation, a wrongful death lawyer needs to immediately commence an independent investigation.

What Is The First Step In Bringing A Connecticut Wrongful Death Claim?

The first thing that must happen is an estate must be opened in probate court. An administrator or executor of the estate must be appointed. An administrator is a person who handles the estate of a person without a will. An executor is a person who handles the estate of a person who died with a will. The administrator or executor must inform the probate court of the wrongful death claim and begin prosecuting it. This often involves hiring an attorney to handle the action. Failing to properly preserve a wrongful death action can result in the administrator or executor being sued. It’s important that the administrator or executor do his or her job properly.

What’s Next?

Good wrongful death lawyers are curious historians. In every other kind of case the person who is injured tells me what happened. This does not happen in a wrongful death cases.  The best things a good wrongful death lawyer can do is to get out of the office and into the loved one’s family. Go to their kitchen table. Go to their job. Retrace their steps. Watch home movies. Look through the funeral guest book and reach out to folks. There’s more but that’s the start. I can’t broadcast all of my processes on the internet.

But if you need help, I’m here. I’m here to answer your questions. And try to understand to the best of my ability the loss you have suffered. And then fight like hell to tell your loved one’s story to an insurance company, mediator, opposing lawyer, judge or even a jury.

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You can read more here about what kinds of damages are available in a wrongful death case. You may also want to read a review written by a client  regarding my handling of a wrongful death case.

This post is by no means comprehensive. There are many things a skilled Glastonbury CT  wrongful death attorney must do to protect a claim.

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