Who Pays My Medical Bills After A Car Accident?

Who pays my medical bills after a car accident in Connecticut?

Who pays my medical bills after a car accident?
Who pays my medical bills after a car accident?

Even with health insurance car accident victims find that themselves facing significant hospital and doctors bills –  deductibles, copays or even the full bill. The notices pile up.

The calls keep coming. They threaten to report you to credit bureaus. They may even sue you. You have suffered an injury and now you are suffering injustice.

I believe that knowledge is power. I was the victim of a car accident. I’ve been there. I hired a lawyer to help deal with the insurance companies. It made all of the difference. Now I’m in a place to help others.

Here are some common issues faced by victims of Connecticut car accidents:

Why should I have to pay the bills? The Connecticut car accident was not my fault?

Under Connecticut law it is the injured victim’s obligation to pay medical bills. It doesn’t matter who caused the wreck. If the other driver is at fault. You remedy is to seek reimbursement from the person who hit you.

Why does the at-fault driver’s insurance company not pay my bills?

Liability insurance companies will not pay “as you go” for medical treatment. Insurance adjusters will only reimburse for medical treatment after all treatment has ended. Unfortunately for those without health insurance or the ability to pay, this frequently means they will have to forego necessary medical treatment or borrow money to pay for it.

Will my doctor treat me if promise to pay after my settlement?

Some healthcare providers will not provide treatment under a promise to pay later. Others will agree to accept a letter of protection  from an attorney. A letter of protection is a contract from you and your Connecticut car accident lawyer agreeing to pay the doctor for medical fees out of any settlement or verdict.

Who pays my medical bills after a car accident? Will my auto insurance pay my medical bills?

Your car insurance company is not responsible for paying for medical bills stemming from a car accident. Some Connecticut insurance policies do have “medical payments” coverage or medpay. This is additional insurance that must be purchased prior to your accident. Med Pay will provide money for things like bills and co-pays.

What You Can Do

I can help you deal with these bill collectors. Some will agree to letters of protection. We can explore the option of a loan against a potential settlement from a third party lender.

The stress of these bills is overwhelming for an injured person. Many folks ignore them. It is important to keep the bills and send them to your lawyer. That way you can be assured they are paid in any settlement.

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