CT Car Accident Rental Law

CT Car Accident Rental Law by Attorney Ryan McKeen

A car accident shattered my world. I was driving along in a car that I loved. A car that I owned. One that worked fine. And suddenly it was mangled and undriveable. The body shop guy said it was “totaled”. I no longer had a car.

CT Car Accident Rental Law by Attorney Ryan McKeen
CT Car Accident Rental Law by Attorney Ryan McKeen

The car rental company wanted to put me in a vehicle that I was not comfortable driving. One much smaller than the vehicle I owned. And the anxiety I had while driving was overwhelming. A much smaller car made me very uncomfortable.

After a Car accident In Connecticut, what are my rights to a rental car? 

If you incur property damage to your vehicle as a result of someone else being at fault, you are entitled to compensation for loss of use of your property – including a rental vehicle. You are entitled to a comparable rental vehicle or reasonable compensation. You are entitled to a vehicle for a reasonable period of time necessary to settle your claim or repair your vehicle. A reasonable period of time for depends on the amount of time needed to repair the vehicle.

You may also have rental coverage under your own policy. Check with your insurance company. These may provide additional benefits to you.

I am an injury lawyer. I help people who are injured. A rental car is often one of the first obstacles faced by someone injured in a car accident. I never take a fee for property damage including rental cars. You can read about my policy here. I want you informed and empowered.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Connecticut you may benefit from my page on Connecticut Car Accident law.

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