How Many Jurors In An Injury Case?

A jury is the conscience of the community. It is the most important role a citizen can play in our democracy. The power of the juror’s vote on a case is a great power. It impacts not only the parties to the case but the community. And what happens in the courtroom echoes throughout the … Read more

What Will I Be Asked At Jury Duty?

“Ryan, I have jury duty coming up, what will the lawyers ask me?” says a friend at a summer picnic. We just finished 3 days of jury selection on a food safety case in Hartford. The topic of jury selection is at the front of my mind. So here you go. In Connecticut we have … Read more

Free Connecticut Residential Lease

I’ve seen a lot of bad leases in my career. Often placing unnecessary burdens on landlords. There’s one in particular that is sold at a big box store that I see a lot. Its terms add months onto an already long eviction process. So below I am pasting a free Connecticut residential lease. It is … Read more

Happy September To You

Good morning. It is September 1st. September is the most glorious time in Connecticut. I used to despise September as it meant going back to school. I loved and still love the freedom of summer. As an adult, I welcome the richness of September. There’s no school to go back to. The weather is warm … Read more

Who Gets The Engagement Ring After A Break Up?

Connecticut follows the modern view is that the gift of the engagement ring is a
conditional gift, the condition being the subsequent marriage of the parties. If the
marriage does not take place, the condition has not been met and the ring should be returned to the donor.