Loss of Consortium And Car Insurance

Can a spouse recover as an independent claim under an auto policy? This post discusses the relationship between loss of consortium and car insurance. This question is a very important one. I see this issue arising more and more in my cases. ┬áThe reason has a lot to do with Connecticut’s irresponsibly low auto insurance … Read more

Putting Yourself First

If you are injured, put yourself first. You are driving along. You are doing the right thing. Another driver chooses not to pay attention. Suddenly your life has changed. The change can range from anything to a nuisance if you are fortunate to life altering if you are not. I know when I was in … Read more

Other Driver Says A Dog Caused The Car Wreck

That brown dog. The jerk. The brown dog is all over the pages of deposition transcripts. He’s always brown. Usually about 40 pounds. His breed is unclear. He’s possibly part lab, maybe some terrier, we’re not really sure. Whatever he looks like he’s the bigfoot of the car accident defense world. If a car wreck … Read more

Was The Driver Who Hit Me Reckless?

Was the driver who hit me reckless? You are driving along. You are following the safety rules. Then all of the sudden your car is struck. You didn’t see it coming. The other driver was going so fast. Are you a victim of reckless driving? Whenever we review a personal injury case, we investigate to … Read more