Putting Yourself First

If you are injured, put yourself first.

You are driving along. You are doing the right thing. Another driver chooses not to pay attention. Suddenly your life has changed. The change can range from anything to a nuisance if you are fortunate to life altering if you are not.

I know when I was in a car wreck, the first thing I did was tell the EMTs I was fine. I didn’t need an ambulance. Hours later I was in the ER in severe pain. Pain that would last for days. car accident

We’re often asked “what do I do?”  Our answer is that you do everything you can to get better.

Many folks aren’t comfortable putting themselves first. Right now you may feel powerless. You have been wronged.  And the wheels of justice spin slowly.

The best thing you can do is take care of yourself.

Follow doctors orders. Keep your doctors appointments. Be honest with your doctors. Do the home exercises.

Rest if you need rest.

If you are in pain – tell them. If something new hurts – tell them.

Tell your treating doctors what you were like before. For example, “I never felt this before the car accident”. This will help inform your doctors as to the impact the accident has had on you.

Take care of yourself. Let others help you.

Taking care of yourself is the first step in taking back your life.

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