Do I Have A Case?

I am often asked “Do I have a case?”

The answer requires understanding the law, investigating the claim, and listening to the client. Every situation is different. Only an experienced Connecticut injury attorney can answer this question. 

I always ask myself two questions: (1) what do I have to prove? and (2) can I prove it?

In order to do this I think about the civil burden of proof. Commonly referred to as a preponderance standard. Below I’ve paraphrased and cut from the CT Civil Jury Instructions on burden of proof:

“In civil cases, an injured person who asserts a claim has the burden of proving it by a fair preponderance of the evidence, that is, the better or weightier evidence must establish that, more probably than not, the assertion is true.

In weighing the evidence, a jury must keep in mind that it is the quality and not the quantity of evidence that is important; one piece of believable evidence may weigh so heavily as to overcome a multitude of less credible evidence. The weight to be accorded each piece of evidence is for the jury to decide.

Imagine the scales of justice. Put all the credible evidence on the scale. If the scales incline, even slightly, in favor of the assertion may you find the assertion has been proved by a fair preponderance of the evidence.”

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Ryan McKeen is a trial attorney at Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut. In 2016, he was honored by the CT Personal Injury Hall of Fame for securing one of the highest settlements in the state. He is a New Leader in the Law. ABA 100. Avvo 10. 40 under 40 for Hartford Business Journal. He has been quoted in Time Magazine, the New York Times, Hartford Courant, Wall Street Journal Law Blog and the Hartford Business Journal. He focuses his practice on Connecticut Personal Injury law. He loves what he does. Contact him or 860 471 8333

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