A Connecticut Law Blog Turns 9

Nine years ago, I’m sitting in my basement. I’m writing my first words on this blog. At the time, WordPress defaulted to making the first post read “Hello” – hence the title of my first post “Hello”.  I wrote: This blog is hot off the server and hopefully, in a few days, I’ll figure things out … Read more

As Close As I’m Getting To Yale

Yale let me in! Well more accurately they linked to me. Close enough. Close as I’m going to get. While doing some routine site maintence I noticed an inbound like from the Yale Law School Library.  Aside from going to the Peabody Museum with my children this is as close to Yale as this proud … Read more

A Connecticut Law Blog Turns 3

What a year.   This is the annual post, where in the words of Colin McEnroe, I congratulate my blog for staying upright for another year: For instance, after posting eight times in the whole month, McKeen went dark from a Dec. 23 post congratulating his own blawg for staying upright for two years to a couple … Read more

CT legislature considering a dog and cat lemon law

By Ryan McKeen I’ve written about lemons before and Attorney Sergei Lemberg writes about them all the time. If you’re a long time reader then you know my dog Brady. I adopted Brady from the Hartford Pound as a puppy. Dogs at the pound are given 8 days to be adopted or be put to … Read more