Starting A Law Firm? Buy More of These 3 Things

When starting a law firm, you’ll face challenges large and small. This post focuses on 3 overcoming of the smaller challenges. Spending your money in these 3 areas can save you money, time, and embarrassment.

1.  Toner. Our office is paper-less. However, we still print things. You will too. Toner can be very expensive. Not having toner can be more expensive. You’ll never know when they will run out (even with your printer and computer monitoring toner levels). Safe bet is they will run out when you most need it. Always keep 2 additional toner cartridges on site.

2. Stamps. Like toner you’re likely to run out at exactly the wrong time. Getting a postage machine can be very expensive. And at the outset is probably not the best use of your funds. Get a account. Order postage labels in advance (get plenty of them). Never worry about running out of postage or having to go to the post office when your pressed for time again.

3. Memory. Invest in thy hard drive. Last year, I had to sell my Macbook Air and buy a new one. There was nothing wrong with my Macbook Air. It worked fine. What happened is my hard drive filled up.  Law is a data intensive line of work. When I started out, I purchased the Macbook air with the smallest hard drive. 18 months later it was completely inadequate. Your practice will grow make sure your hard drive can grow along with it.

These are 3 of the smaller lessons that I’ve learned in starting my own practice. Especially when you’re starting out, its hard to figure out where to spend money. Buy extra toner, postage labels from, and more memory. You won’t ever regret doing so.

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Ryan McKeen is an attorney at McKeen Law, LLC.