Google Alerts For Your Law Practice

by Ryan McKeen

One of the themes of this blog has always been technology and its impact on legal practice. Sometimes, I’m unaware of how much technology I use in my practice. This causes me to overlook some really basic blog posts because I assume that everyone else is doing the same thing that I’m doing.

Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend. She has a high profile job. The subject of our conversation turned to blogs. She asked me if I’d be willing to help her monitor blogs and newspaper articles online.

I said sure and then sent her a link to Google Alerts.

Google Alerts allows a user to Google results on a given topic or person. For example, say I want to know the latest information on Dustin Pedroia. I simply enter “Dustin Pedroia” into Google Alerts and I will be emailed anytime an article on Pedroia appears on the internet.

Google Alerts allows a lawyer to be instantly aware of all news about a client, issue, or adversary without doing anything. And it’s free.