Connecticut Attorney Wins Mills & Boon’s Worldwide Contest To Have Her Book Published

For the second straight year, British Publisher Mills & Boon, ran its New Voices competition. Mills & Boon encourages writers from around the world to submit the first chapters of their manuscript. This year, they had nearly 1100 entries from across the globe.

The purpose of the competition is to discover a “new voice”. The winner receives an editor for a year and the opportunity to enter into a publishing contract. In addition, the winner gets an iPad, a Kindle, and a hamper full of romance books.

This year the winner was none other than Connecticut Attorney, Allison McKeen! In the interest of full disclosure, Allison is my wife and I’m a very proud of her.

During the day, Allison does a lot of legal writing. ¬†At night, she’s typing away at her novel. With any luck and a lot of hard work – her book will be published across the globe.