CT Trial Lawyers: Sandy Hook Claim “ill advised”

I’m proud to be a member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association. I was very pleased to find the following email in my inbox this morning:

The following official statement has been authorized by the Executive Officers of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association and comes as a result of recent press announcements concerning the notice filed with the Connecticut Claims Commissioner requesting permission to sue the State as a result of the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

“CTLA joins with all other citizens in CT in mourning the tragic loss of life in Newtown. We believe that the timing and circumstances of this action are ill-advised. We will continue to extend our heartfelt sympathies to the victims of the Newtown tragedy and we remain committed to joining the efforts of countless individuals in CT and around the country to find ways to assist the victims and families affected by this tragedy.”

Reading comments on various websites prompted me to write yesterday’s post. The majority of attorneys in the Connecticut Bar do outstanding things for their clients and communities. I’m happy to see the CTLA issue this statement on behalf of its members. I support it entirely.