Sandy Hook Families To Sue Gunmaker

The Guardian is reporting that families of the victims of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School are planning to sue Remington Outdoor Company – the makers of the Bushmaster Rifle used in the shootings. According to the Guardian, the families have the powerhouse Connecticut firm of Koskoff, Koskoff, and Bieder.

CT Trial Lawyers: Sandy Hook Claim “ill advised”

I’m proud to be a member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association. I was very pleased to find the following email in my inbox this morning: The following official statement has been authorized by the Executive Officers of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association and comes as a result of recent press announcements concerning the notice … Read more

About Potential Sandy Hook Lawsuit

Much has been made in recent days of the family of a six year old who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School seeking permission from the State to allow a lawsuit against the State. In my opinion, there’s little substance to this story. I understand the family of a student being upset. I don’t understand the attention this story has received or the outrage it has managed to generate.