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You are driving along. You are doing the right thing. Another driver chooses not to pay attention. Suddenly your life has changed. The change can range from anything to a nuisance if you are fortunate to life altering if you are not.

Glastonbury Personal Injury Attorney Ryan McKeen
Glastonbury Personal Injury Attorney Ryan McKeen

I know. I’ve been there. I’ve had an anxiety attack driving down the highway after my car accident. My trust was shattered. I knew that life could turn on a dime. One moment I’m driving. The next the noise. The horrific noise. Metal on metal. Then there’s asking if everyone in my car is alright. Then the police. And then the pain. And the bills. And the loss of my car. And the insurance companies calling me. And the painful recovery.

I was grateful to seek counsel from a respected attorney who helped me through the process. My rights were explained to me. He dealt with the insurance company. He helped make sure the insurance company fairly compensate me for my loss. Something that surely would not have happened without him.

Now I am that attorney. That shelter. It is my passion.

I believe that knowledge is one of the first steps in recovery. They come from over a decade of representing injured plaintiffs. They also come from my experience representing loved ones who have had a family member killed by someone violating safety rules.

I am a trial lawyer. That means I try cases. I am dedicated to my craft. And the results speak for themselves. Because I am a trial lawyer many of my cases settle. I don’t take the first offer. Many of my cases settle early because they know I’ll fight the fight.

I have founded the Connecticut Personal Injury Vault to provide accurate information to folks who are injured or have suffered the loss of a love one. I can’t represent everyone and this is my way of helping as many people as I can.  I handle wrongful death cases, car accidents, motorcycle wrecks, falls, legal malpractice, and dog bite cases.

If you need help, have a question, or would like a free case review just call Glastonbury Personal Injury Attorney Ryan McKeen at 860 471 8333. There is never a charge for a consultation. If I accept your case there is no fee unless I recover money for you.

My office is conveniently located in Glastonbury. If you are injured, I can also come meet you at your home or hospital.

I’m a Glastonbury Personal Injury Attorney and I’ve been honored by the Connecticut Law Tribune as a Personal Injury Hall of Fame inductee. In 2015, I achieved one of the highest settlements in the State of Connecticut – 2.25 million. I have settled multiple cases for over $100,000. But none of that matters. That is about me. You can read more about me on my Avvo profile.

Connecticut Trial Firm’s No Wait Guarantee

We hate waiting. This is Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC’s “No Wait” Guarantee.

If we don’t see you within 5 minutes of a scheduled meeting time at our office we’ll give you a $25 Amazon Gift card. Your time matters to us. Your personal injury case matters to us. You matter to us.

Call us to discuss your Connecticut personal injury case. Call Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney Ryan McKeen at 860 471 8333. Call now. Don’t wait.

Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney Ryan McKeen getting an award from the CT Personal Injury Hall of Fame.
Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney Ryan McKeen getting an award from the CT Personal Injury Hall of Fame. Connecticut Trial Firm’s No Wait Policy.

Reclaiming My Life Week 2

One of the things I love seeing in my practice is the comeback. Every day I’m inspired by my clients. My clients who fight to get their lives back after injury. It is not easy.

This is my second in a series of posts about reclaiming my life and part of my identity as a runner. You can read my first post by clicking here.

I’m a 4 time marathoner with a best finish of 3:52. Now I struggle to run a mile.

The good news is this week I have run 4 times. I use the term “run” in its loosest sense. I slog. A slow jog. But 4 runs in a week is a start.

I’ve created a spreadsheet to track my progress. I’m not keeping track of time right now. Speed is not my goal. Frequency of runs and distance are my targets for right now. Getting faster will have to wait for a bit.

This first week was a struggle. I brought shame along with me for my runs. I constantly had to remind myself to be kind to myself. It wasn’t easy. This week I spent time meditating on being in the present. This has made all of the difference. On my runs, when I get down, I focus on two things: the current step I’m taking and my breathing. Being in the present is the best way I know to fight the baggage.

And every step of the way, I’m thinking about what my clients go through. Exploring these dark places can’t help but make me better understand what my clients go through.

Here’s my awkward video update for this week. Got to run. Till next week.


How Many Jurors In An Injury Case?

A jury is the conscience of the community. It is the most important role a citizen can play in our democracy.

The power of the juror’s vote on a case is a great power. It impacts not only the parties to the case but the community. And what happens in the courtroom echoes throughout the state.

Juries decide how much we value life. Whether or not safety rules matter. And whether accountability and personal responsibility matter.

How many jurors on an injury case?

In Connecticut, we seat 6 jurors and 2 alternates. The alternates sit through all testimony. They only vote if one of the 6 jurors are excused.

Every juror is very important. We are grateful for all who serve.

What Will I Be Asked At Jury Duty?

Do I Have To Dress Up For Jury Duty?

What Is The Difference Between Economic and Non-Economic Damages

One of the questions we’re often asked is “how much is a fair settlement for my case” or “how much is my case worth?” 

In order to answer  that question we have to look at what the law can award for damages. In Connecticut, plaintiff’s can be compensated for both “economic” and “non-economic” damages.

What is the difference?

“Economic damages” are compensation for pecuniary losses including but not limited to medical care, rehabilitative services, custodial care and loss of earnings or earning capacity.

Non-economic damages are for all non pecuniary losses including,  loss of enjoyment of life, physical pain and suffering and mental and emotional suffering.

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Insurance Company Tactics

Why is it taking so long to settle my claim?  Why won’t the insurance company believe my doctors? Why do I have to go through a medical exam? Why is my deposition taking so long? Why do they keep trying to continue court? Why are they saying I’m at fault when I’m not?

A dog didn’t cause the wreck. That’s insane. I was there. I remember. 

Injured folks everywhere ask these questions.

We know why. We’ve been there.

Insurance companies make massive profits by: delaying, denying, and defending. Claims centers are now profit centers.

“An insurance company can make a lot of money on the small claims,” said Jay Feinman, a professor at Rutgers University School of Law, “because if you save a few dollars on a huge number of claims, it’s worth more than saving a lot of dollars on a very small number of claims.” Link. 

These tactics are so prevalent in Connecticut that we have strategies to deal with them. For example, with some insurers we file suit immediately. We know they won’t pay reasonable value until the time of trial. No need to wait a year to file suit. That wait year is a wasted year. Best to push the case forward.

Our job is to help you take control. We help you fight back.

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A Battle of Values 

Finding Stability After An Injury

I’ve been there. I’ve been there as someone injured in a car wreck. It was scary. It was awful. Almost 20 years later, I clench my jaw thinking about that day. Metallica is playing on the radio. It is sunny. Then bam. There’s this noise. This awful noise. A noise I’ll never forget. Then there is confusion. And that’s just the immediate aftermath. Later there is anxiety. There is anger. There is fear of what could have been. I get it.

I’ve also been there with my clients. At funerals. At hospitals. In their homes. In my office. I very much feel their pain. 

There is sadness. There is loss.

I was listening to a podcast. The topic was happiness.

Unsurprisingly, instability of affairs makes people unhappy. If you find yourself in the hospital the stability of your world has been upended. Am I going to get better? Will I walk again? Who is going to take care of my pet? When can I go back to work?

Stability leads to happiness.

If you have been injured. Seek stability wherever you can find it. Maybe it is a new routine. Something as simple as starting your day with your favorite breakfast food. Maybe it is going for a short walk. Maybe it is the companionship of others. Anything that is is stable will help you heal. Even binge watching a series on Netflix.

For me, the routine of exercises from physical therapy helped me feel better. It was a stable routine.

I understand that it isn’t your leg that is injured. The injury is to your whole person.

One of the ways that I can help as a lawyer is to provide you with some stability. To take problems off your plate. To be there for you. This is why I do the work that I do.

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Injured Playing Sports. Can I Sue?

Last week at the Olympics the USA women’s national team won the silver medal.

In Connecticut, events on the pitch have made it to our high court –  with a friendly between Jaworski and Kiernan.

On May 16, 1993, during a game,  Kiernan made contact with  Jaworski during a recreational soccer game while Jaworski was shielding the soccer ball from the opposition so that the goalie on her team could retrieve the ball. As a result of this incident,  Jaworski suffered an injury to her left anterior cruciate ligament, which caused a 15 percent permanent partial disability of her left knee.

Jaworski then sued Kiernan for her injuries claiming among other things that Kiernan should be found liable for negligence because his actions were in violation of league rules.

The Supreme Court disagreed and offered this analysis of the game of soccer:

Soccer while not as violent a sport as football,  is nevertheless replete with occasions when the participants make contact with one another during the normal course of the game. When two soccer players vie for control of the ball, the lower limbs are especially vulnerable to injury. If a player seeks to challenge another player who has possession of the ball or seeks to prevent another player from gaining possession of the ball, the resulting contact could reasonably be foreseen to result in injury to either player.

The Court went on to find that the defendant could not be held liable for negligence only deliberate, wilful, or reckless conduct:

A final public policy concern that influences our decision is our desire to stem the possible flood of litigation that might result from adopting simple negligence as the standard of care to be utilized in athletic contests. If simple negligence were adopted as the standard of care, every punter with whom contact is made, every midfielder high sticked, every basketball player fouled,  every batter struck by a pitch, and every hockey player tripped would have the ingredients for a lawsuit if injury resulted. When the number of athletic events taking place in Connecticut over the course of a year is considered, there exists the potential for a surfeit of lawsuits when it becomes known that simple negligence, based on an inadvertent violation of a contest rule, will suffice as a ground for recovery for an athletic injury. This should not be encouraged.

If you have been injured playing sports whether or not you can sue depends on how your injury occurred. Every situation is unique. If you would like your claim reviewed by an attorney, free of charge, contact us:

Practice Gratitude

We can spend our entire lives in scarcity . . . just waiting for for the other shoe to drop and wondering when it will all fall apart. Or, we can lean into the uncertainty and be thankful for what we have in that precious moment. When I’m standing at the crossroads of fear and gratitude, I’ve learned that I must choose vulnerability and practice gratitude if want to know joy. – Brene Brown

I’ll never forget that day. The day the water came through the ceiling. Lots of water. A pipe burst 3 floors above our office. 

All of our carpet – destroyed. The ceilings needed to be redone. The cleanup company installed dryers that sucked moisture from the hardwood floor. They also sucked electricity from the meter. My keyboard was fried. Our brand new office was offline for what now felt like months though if you told me was weeks – I’d believe you.  There was a moment of panic about insurance coverage.

There were other problems too. Ones not for this post. But at the time the water was both real and metaphorical.

My anxiety levels were very high.  I was waiting for something worse to happen.

This is exactly the place many clients find themselves in when they meet me.

Something bad happened. And when something bad happens unexpectedly it makes us very aware that another bad thing can happen unexpectedly. It is a scary place.

For the most part we can deal with problems. We can hold the safety rule violating company responsible for the damages they have caused. Carpet can be replaced as can keyboards.

In some ways the harder part can often be the anxiety.

Lee Rosen has a nice list of things you’ll fear when you open a law practice.

I found Brene Brown somewhere along my journey in the not for the faint of heart world of legal self employment. Brene Brown teaches that in the face of anxiety, scarcity, and fear that gratitude is the key to being joyful.

When I get to work, I try very hard to begin my workday by thinking about what I’m grateful for in my practice. It helps. It really does. If I could go back to the day the water came through the ceiling, I’d tell myself to practice gratitude.

If you come to me with an injury case, don’t be surprised if we talk about Brene Brown. Practicing gratitude may be a piece of your recovery puzzle.

Dog Bite Verdict


CDC Dog Bite Prevention

On August 26, 2015, Ryan McKeen secured a dog bite verdict of $125,000 for a client who was bitten in the face by a dog. The verdict came after a one witness trial that lasted under an hour. The verdict was in Hartford Superior Court. Prior to trial, the pretrial judge believed the value of the case to be approximately $20,000. The client had 4 doctor’s visits and suffered facial scarring.

If you or someone you love was bitten by a dog, please contact Ryan McKeen at (860) 471-8333. We can help. Tell us your story.