The Beginning

The Beginning.

You decide to play whatever CD is in your car CD Player. You hope it’s not Kidz Bop. You’re relieved when Pearl Jam’s “Backspacer” comes on. You think the album is great. Then it happens. The only thing you remember is the noise. That terrible sound. You wake up. You’re in the hospital. You don’t know what happened. You don’t know what day it is. Everything hurts. Bad. You first thought is about your family. Are they okay? This is the beginning.

Connecticut Personal Injury Arbitration

Connecticut personal injury arbitration can be an effective way to resolve cases. You are going about your daily routine. And then something happens. A dog bites you. A car comes crashing into you. You fall on ice and break your leg. Your lawyer tells you your cases been dismissed for failing to file paperwork. Learn more about arbitration as a way to resolve your case.

Glastonbury Personal Injury Attorney – Ryan McKeen

Are you looking for a Glastonbury personal injury attorney? You are driving along. You are doing the right thing. Another driver chooses not to pay attention. Suddenly your life has changed. The change can range from anything to a nuisance if you are fortunate to life altering if you are not. I know. I’ve been … Read more

Connecticut Trial Firm’s No Wait Guarantee

We hate waiting. This is Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC’s “No Wait” Guarantee. If we don’t see you within 5 minutes of a scheduled meeting time at our office we’ll give you a $25 Amazon Gift card. Your time matters to us. Your personal injury case matters to us. You matter to us. Call us to … Read more

Reclaiming My Life Week 2

One of the things I love seeing in my practice is the comeback. Every day I’m inspired by my clients. My clients who fight to get their lives back after injury. It is not easy. This is my second in a series of posts about reclaiming my life and part of my identity as a … Read more

How Many Jurors In An Injury Case?

A jury is the conscience of the community. It is the most important role a citizen can play in our democracy. The power of the juror’s vote on a case is a great power. It impacts not only the parties to the case but the community. And what happens in the courtroom echoes throughout the … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Economic and Non-Economic Damages

One of the questions we’re often asked is “how much is a fair settlement for my case” or “how much is my case worth?”  In order to answer  that question we have to look at what the law can award for damages. In Connecticut, plaintiff’s can be compensated for both “economic” and “non-economic” damages. What … Read more

Insurance Company Tactics

Why is it taking so long to settle my claim?  Why won’t the insurance company believe my doctors? Why do I have to go through a medical exam? Why is my deposition taking so long? Why do they keep trying to continue court? Why are they saying I’m at fault when I’m not? A dog … Read more

Finding Stability After An Injury

I’ve been there. I’ve been there as someone injured in a car wreck. It was scary. It was awful. Almost 20 years later, I clench my jaw thinking about that day. Metallica is playing on the radio. It is sunny. Then bam. There’s this noise. This awful noise. A noise I’ll never forget. Then there … Read more

Injured Playing Sports. Can I Sue?

Last week at the Olympics the USA women’s national team won the silver medal. In Connecticut, events on the pitch have made it to our high court –  with a friendly between Jaworski and Kiernan. On May 16, 1993, during a game,  Kiernan made contact with  Jaworski during a recreational soccer game while Jaworski was … Read more