Insult to Injury: Connecticut’s Rape Kit Backlog

OLR (my favorite office in State Government aside from LCO) just completed a shocking report on Connecticut’s shameful rape kit backlog. One of the great difficulties in representing someone who is the victim of a crime is explaining the length of time it takes to get reports back from the State. Despite all of the … Read more

The Impulse To Legislate Everything

The legislation would accomplish something that I agree with – namely that it would allow Mr. Tate to go to the prom. However, this legislation is a symptom of a larger problem: here in CT there is a belief that any problem big or small can be solved through legislation.

The Nanny State Gets Nannier: Pet Chimps Banned

by Ryan C. McKeen In the midst of a massive budget crisis, our State Legislature spent the final hours of its session debating…..get this……drumroll please…..passing a bill to protect stupid people from owning dangerous animals. Yep.  Can’t make this stuff up. The bill would add only gorillas, chimps and orangutans to the list of wild … Read more

Gov. Rell’s Plan For Probate Court Consolidation

by Ryan McKeen It’s also time for reform of our probate court system. Our system is antiquated and broken. I am proposing an overhaul that will reduce the number of courts, improve services and increase the hours of operation. It will also save money. Gov. Rell, 2/4/09 Here is the link to Governor’s Bill No. 6385 … Read more