Slob Culture, DCF, and Baby Names

by Ryan McKeen

I don’t often agree with the Journal Inquirer’s, Chris Powell.  One of his recent columns, “Forget Fixing DCF;  attack the slob culture” struck a chord with me. Many columnists love to bash DCF. In truth, DCF deserves some of the criticism it receives.

Powell argues that the problem isn’t DCF it’s that society has disintegrated to a point where no agency can manage the problems facing our society.

Recently I was speaking with a DCF employee. He told me that one of the recent trends was for mother’s who have already had children taken from them because they were unfit, to get pregnant and name their children things like “Property DCF Smith”.

Inevitably, DCF ends up removing such children from their mothers and having to file petitions to rename them.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Powell’s right, our problems run much deeper than all that’s wrong with DCF.

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