“Moses’ Mother’s Day Ale” and Alcohol Advertising Laws in Connecticut


Connecticut Liquor Regulations,  Sec. 30-6-A31a. Prohibited statements and illustrations

(a) Restrictions. An advertisement of alcoholic liquor shall not contain:

(4) any statement, picture or illustration referring to Easter, Holy Week, Mother’s Day or “Santa Claus,” including names synonymous with “Santa Claus,” or the name of or any reference to or depiction of any biblical character, provided nothing herein shall operate to prohibit references to the Christmas holiday season if such references do not include statements, pictures or illustrations on strictly religious themes;

There goes the whole turning water into wine marketing campaign.

Presumably, a liquor company could market “Buddha’s Father’s Day Lager.”  However,  “Moses’ Mother’s Day Ale” won’t be on tap at a bar near you.  

I’m doubtful that this regulation could survive a constitutional challenge but it would make for an interesting case (bad pun intended).