Lawyers Who Come To Hospital For Special Care

We are lawyers who come to Hospital For Special Care in New Britain. We help those who have been seriously injured.

No one ever intends to end up in a trauma hospital. That is not the way the day was supposed to go. The day was ordinary just like any other. You get up, have breakfast, shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed. Your mind is on the day. On what you are going to do. On that project you have been working on. On the call you plan to make to your parents. You get in your car and turn on sports radio. As you always do. You are busy and no longer have time in your life to watch Sportscenter all morning. So now you follow your team on your commute. Over the radio.

And then life changes on a dime. Just like that. No one ever sees it coming whether it is being attacked by a dog, a car wreck, a drunk driver, or a workplace injury.

But suddenly it happens. There’s an ambulance. A team of doctors and nurses. Bells. Lights. And all sorts of beeping. There was the trauma hospital and now you are in Hospital for Special Care in New Britain.

And the question on everyone’s mind is “now what?” How are we going to make it through what has happened. What does the future look like? Who is going to pay for this?

It’s awful.

What Now?

The single most important thing anyone can do in this situation is to focus on getting better and getting support. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that in the face of a serious injury doing things like rest and rehab are what your body needs. It’s where your energy which may be limited needs to be applied. You don’t need to be lying there worrying about insurance or medical bills. That can’t be your problem. You and your family may need the help of a counselor. Someone to talk to. It’s not just an injury to your leg or your back – it is an injury to your whole person.

Folks commonly want to know if they have to talk to the insurance company?

Do I Need A Lawyer Who Comes To Hospital For Special Care in New Britain CT?


As you are lying in a hospital room it’s basically you and a TV. And on the TV is a constant barrage of ads for injury attorneys. And they all look the same. One lawyer indistinguishable from the next. All with some cheesy repetitive slogan. Where to turn?

What you need is knowledge and experience to empower you. To help you make decisions. And to keep you informed of your rights. And to competently handle your affairs so you can get better. You may want to check out some of the articles that we have written. They are all written by us not some hired gun. We give it to you straight.

And we will come to see you. Not some investigator. And we will not pressure you to sign any papers. We will come and listen. At no charge. We are not salesmen. We are trial attorneys who help the seriously injured.

We Are Lawyers Who Come To Hospital For Special Care in New Britain CT 

Why are we lawyers who come to Hospital For Special Care?

Because we treat folks how we want to be treated. And we know it is important to have questions answered after a serious injury. We also know cases aren’t won and lost in an office. Meeting you at Hospital For Special Care in New Britain allows us to begin making your case in a way we couldn’t if we just read your medical records.

So if you would like to talk please call me at (860) 471-8331. You will be greeted by a member of our intake team 24/7 365 days a year. You won’t go to voicemail. No one with a question about a personal injury who is at the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain should have to wait for an answer to their question.

Our office is located just minutes from Hospital For Special Care in Glastonbury CT.

You can read more about me here.

When we come to the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain CT – we won’t have to ask google for directions. We have been there time and time again for clients over the years.

Ryan McKeen is an attorney at McKeen Law, LLC.