Finding Stability After An Injury

I’ve been there. I’ve been there as someone injured in a car wreck. It was scary. It was awful. Almost 20 years later, I clench my jaw thinking about that day. Metallica is playing on the radio. It is sunny. Then bam. There’s this noise. This awful noise. A noise I’ll never forget. Then there is confusion. And that’s just the immediate aftermath. Later there is anxiety. There is anger. There is fear of what could have been. I get it.

I’ve also been there with my clients. At funerals. At hospitals. In their homes. In my office. I very much feel their pain. 

There is sadness. There is loss.

I was listening to a podcast. The topic was happiness.

Unsurprisingly, instability of affairs makes people unhappy. If you find yourself in the hospital the stability of your world has been upended. Am I going to get better? Will I walk again? Who is going to take care of my pet? When can I go back to work?

Stability leads to happiness.

If you have been injured. Seek stability wherever you can find it. Maybe it is a new routine. Something as simple as starting your day with your favorite breakfast food. Maybe it is going for a short walk. Maybe it is the companionship of others. Anything that is is stable will help you heal. Even binge watching a series on Netflix.

For me, the routine of exercises from physical therapy helped me feel better. It was a stable routine.

I understand that it isn’t your leg that is injured. The injury is to your whole person.

One of the ways that I can help as a lawyer is to provide you with some stability. To take problems off your plate. To be there for you. This is why I do the work that I do.

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