CT State Senate Approves Probate Court Reform Bill

by Ryan McKeen

The Senate last night approved a bill that cuts the current 117 probate court districts by more than half. It also imposes regular schedules in those courts and requires future probate judges to be attorneys. Conn Politics.TV

You can read the text of the bill here.

My question is where is the state going to put these courts?

I’ve been to dozens of probate courts throughout the state. Many of them are tucked in cramped offices in the basements of local town halls. ┬áVery small spaces.

It’s certainly possible for small towns to share a court. For example East Granby and Suffield already do.

I agree that Connecticut has too many probate courts. Mostly in small towns in the eastern and western parts of the state and consolidation is a good idea.

But I suspect that the logistics of implementing this bill will prove to be challenging to say the least.