Trial Presentation: Getting Evidence On A Screen

Attorney Andrew Garza and our court tech set up.
Attorney Andrew Garza and the CT Trial FIrm, LLC court tech set up.

We’re often asked how we do it. How to get your documents on a screen in court? How to display video in court? How to show pictures to a jury? This post is about trial presentation: getting evidence on a screen.

We’re often asked about our trial presentation process. Here’s our secret sauce.

Epson EX3240 SVGA 3LCD Projector 3200  

We tried several projectors. The Epson EX3240 was the best value/quality play that we found. It’s listed on Amazon right now for $399. It has no problem displaying images, videos and documents in courtroom lighting. None.

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable – 25 Feet

I love wireless setups. I don’t trust wireless set ups for court presentations. Hardwire me, baby. One less thing to go wrong. At $10.69 on Amazon this 25 foot HDMI cable is both a bargain and a must have.

Epson Duet 80-Inch Dual Aspect Ratio Projection Screen

You need a big screen. Don’t make your fact finder squint. This screen is fantastic. It is adjustable. It is easy to carry. Fairly lightweight. And solid construction. A must have.

And get a stand for your projector. This can be a small portable table or a tripod.

If You Are Using An IPad and You Should

The ipad is a fantastic trial presentation tool. Better than my laptop. Here’s why. The Trial Pad app is outstanding. It is the best presentation software that I have used. I strongly recommend the iPad Pro. The extra screen size and RAM make it even more useful. Also the extended battery on the Pro will keep your presentation going.

Assuming you are using an iPad you’ll need these things:

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

This $49 adapter allows you to connect your iPad to the projector via HDMI. At $49 it is a ripoff. But it is necessary,

Trial Pad

This app is just the best. I’ve used others. I’m not going to waste space in this post writing about it. Click on the link above. See what it does. Buy it. Use it. Love it.

Odds and Ends

Get a long extension cord. You’ll never know where the outlets are going to be.

Get a power strip. You’ll want to make sure you can plug in and charge your devices.

Get a big solid tote bag. You’ll need it for all of your cords, power strips, and projector. Basically buy the biggest and most solid tote bag you can find.

And the backbone of all of this is having a paperless office. Click here to learn how to go paperless. 

Ryan McKeen is a trial attorney at Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut. In 2016, he was honored by the CT Personal Injury Hall of Fame for securing one of the highest settlements in the state. He is a New Leader in the Law. ABA 100. Avvo 10. 40 under 40 for Hartford Business Journal. He has been quoted in Time Magazine, the New York Times, Hartford Courant, Wall Street Journal Law Blog and the Hartford Business Journal. He focuses his practice on Connecticut Personal Injury law. He loves what he does. Contact him or 860 471 8333

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