My Groupon Twitter Lesson

Sunday night while watching the Superbowl, I fired off a few tweets about Groupon’s ad mocking ethnic cleansing in Tibet. Frankly, I’m a little more colorful on twitter than I am on this site and I’m not sure why. Here are the tweets that I fired off: Hey @groupon, you suck. I don’t care what … Read more

The CT Practice App

by Ryan McKeen Earlier this week, I got an email from Greenwich Attorney Hilary B. Miller. Attorney Miller informed me that he created a CT Practice Book iPhone App. The app is available in the App Store by searching “CT Practice Book”. The App retails for $5.99 and is updated through December 31, 2009. Attorney … Read more

Using Google Voice To Source Your Business

by Ryan McKeen I love Google Voice. I work in a small firm. We do very little in the way of any sort of advertising. We’re also not so great at tracking where exactly our business comes from.  I suspect we’re not alone. We’re a little old school in that respect. Our days are spent … Read more

Another Way Google Voice Can Impact Your Law Practice

by Ryan McKeen I’m having my assistant Ruth sign up for Google Voice this morning. One of Google Voice’s cool features is that it allows a user on a computer to send a text message (free of charge to the sender) to a cell phone. Presently when I’m out of the office, I have Ruth … Read more

A Post On Notes

by Ryan McKeen It’s all about training. I’m so used to writing notes on everything. Often on the back of scrap paper or on post it notes. The problem is these notes sometimes get missed placed or I can’t find them the moment that I need them. Plus they’re a giant waste of paper. My … Read more

An Early Review of Sprint’s Evo 4G Coming Soon…

by Ryan McKeen Last night, Sprint informed me that they will allow me to test review their new EVO 4G. I’m not sure when I’ll receive the device but it will be in the coming weeks. The phone goes on sale June 4th. My reviews are not intended to compete with the fabulous work of … Read more

Will Sprint’s EVO 4G Be The Ultimate Lawyer Smartphone

.by Ryan McKeen Starting this summer, I’m going to be a legal tech reviewer for the ABA Journal. Basically, the ABA wants me to test technology in the wild. What this means for you, is that you’ll be getting video reviews of all sorts of technology by yours truly.  Needless to say, I’m very excited … Read more

Could The Bysiewicz Opinion Impact Legal Zoom?

by Ryan McKeen A quick reflection upon reading the Bysiewicz opinion: If what Ms. Bysiewicz has done is the practice of law then aren’t Legal Zoom and other similar companies practicing law in Connecticut? To this blogger, it would sure seem that way.

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