What Is The Return On Investment From A Law Blog?

“We are systematically creating races out of things that ought to be a journey.” – Charles Wheelan, WSJ, 04.27.12 Yesterday, I was a presenter at the CT Bar Association’s annual meeting. I spoke about blogging. One of the questions that I was asked, and am often asked at such events, was: “what is the return … Read more

Is Paperwell.com A Threat To Legal Zoom?

There has been much interest on the blogosphere surrounding Legal Zoom’s IPO.  Plenty of the discussion focuses on Legal Zoom as a disruptive force in the delivery of legal services. Technology has the ability to change quickly disrupt and destroy disruptive forces.  Here today, gone tomorrow is the story of many tech companies. Yesterday, I … Read more

Do You Use Clio or Rocket Matter?

It’s time to upgrade my law practice management software. Abacus 2005 feels like I’m using Windows 95. My research has narrowed my options down to two choices: Clio or Rocket Matter. If you are using either Clio or Rocket Matter, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below or send me an email.

Lexis Nexis With The Best Marketing Promotion Ever?

Alright “ever” is hyperbole. No need to flood my inbox with other great promotions. This is simply the best one that’s ever come across my desk but writing that makes for a poor blog post title. Like most firms, our firm gets a lot of unsolicited mailers. Most of the them go in the trash … Read more

Facebook Messenger Very Useful For Personal Communication

Companies like Apple and RIM have developed proprietary software that allows users of their devices to send messages (essentially text messages) to other users of their devices without incurring fees for text messaging. This works if everyone you know has either an iPhone or a Blackberry. I think closed messaging systems aren’t long for this … Read more

Evernote Makes My Life Easier

“Diane, what’s Marshal Fisher’s cell phone number?” I would ask Diane that question probably once a month. Then I’d write down Marshal Fisher’s number on a piece of scrap paper. Inevitably, the scrap paper would end up in my recycling bin.  The next time I needed the Marshal’s phone number, I’d call Diane again. This … Read more

Two Outstanding Law Related Podcasts

I love the podcast. My two favorite podcasts are: “NPR’s Planet Money” and “This American Life”. If you’re looking for something to listen to, check out these two episodes: “A Former Crack Dealer on The Economics Of Drugs”: My favorite thing about economics is that when done well it tells the truth about human behavior. … Read more

Save Joan’s House

Joan’s house sits at the bottom of a big hill. It’s a hill that I’ve ran up and down – hundreds of times. Sometimes, I see Joan. She may be sitting on her porch or gardening. We usually wave and say “hi” to each other.  I continue up the hill. She goes on with her … Read more

Jepsen On AT&T – T-Mobile Merger

“A merger of this magnitude, especially in an already concentrated market, will naturally be scrutinized for competitive ramifications. I have no doubt that the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission will be investigating the deal for its competitive impact. We will be in communication with the federal government, and with any state undertaking … Read more

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