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We were hired to represent a husband in a conservatorship hearing against his wife filed by the State of Connecticut. The State was seeking to have our client’s wife conserved. In the process of doing so, it recklessly (in our opinion) made allegations against our client. We met with our client. We made a second trip to his home. We learned his story. Their story. The story of their marriage. And we told their story in a contested probate hearing. Our client didn’t want his wife to be conserved. After we told our story, the judge agreed and denied the State’s application.

Involuntary Commitment

Client was involunarily committed at a pyschiatric hospital. We assisted our client in a probable cause hearing. In less than 24 hours, we met with the client, reviewed the client’s records, and listened to the client’s story. We walked into a room with about a dozen healthcare professionals testifying against our client. We didn’t back down. After telling our client’s story, the judge ordered our client to be released on the ground their was no probable cause for the commitment.

Personal Injury

We continue to open files in this area. We also recently closed one at a mediation for $300,000. We’ve put some cases in suit recently. Some more to come. And we are preparing for a jury trial in August. Very active on this front.

Real Estate

Closings have been coming fast and furiously. Allison takes great joy in helping folks by or sell their homes.


We just finished a reply brief in a very high profile appeal on a case that has gained national media attention. On seperate issues, Allison is handling 5 land use and tax appeals.


We obtained judgment against a contractor on behalf of a homeowner. The contractor did terrible work. There were also defects in the contract.

Those are just a few of the things we’ve been working on in recent weeks. We are grateful to our clients. We welcome new clients. Please let us know if we can help you. (860 471-8333).


Moving. That’s what I’ve been doing since leaving court on Thursday morning.

Thanks to the help of my parents and the assistance of a two person moving company – we have fully moved into our new office at 437 Naubuc Avenue, Suite 107 in Glastonbury. By fully I mean – we still need some things for our walls, our bathroom needs a mirror, and we have a trip to Ikea to make. But if you walked in, you’d never know the space was empty on Thursday morning.

For the first time since 2008, Allison has her very own walled office. She is happy about this. I am too.

I have the best parents in the world. I’m so grateful for all of their help and support in getting the office online. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.

There were only a few problems with the move. The fridge that the big box store delivery guys insisted would fit – doesn’t. Fortunately, the big box store has been surprisingly awesome to deal with and a new fridge will arrive on Tuesday. Thank you, Becky at big box store.

The moving company smashed the glass on a twin cities marathon poster. They didn’t tell me about this. I found out when I went to vacuum out my old office this afternoon. I also found out they left their dollys as parting gifts. I’ll get a new frame. They’ll get their dolly.

Oh and the dishwasher wouldn’t turn on. I wouldn’t bet against user error but as of now I can’t get it to work.

But those things aren’t the story of the move.

The story of the move is about closings and openings.

Moving into my office on Main Street was hard. I hadn’t planned to go solo. I had left a partnership that I had formed just over a year prior. I was sad. I knew I had to move forward and I did.

And the work showed in my new office. Furniture was purchased and placed where I wanted it. Wires were tucked away. Ikea trips were made. Homegoods, too. In just under the two years I occupied the space nothing really moved.

More folks joined me. Stuff was added. But nothing really moved. Until the move.

Moving brought back a lot of feelings that I had let rest or forgotten were even there. This was Thursday night.

Life can turn on a dime. – Stephen King 11/23/1963

Friday was different. In between trips in the moving van, I received two unexpected and much appreciated emails. Those emails helped me move forward. Those emails helped me to move without baggage. Heavy baggage. They were a gift.

Tomorrow, 437 Naubuc Ave. Suite 107 is ready for business. I have my daughter’s “step up” ceremony tomorrow morning – so proud of her.  After that the builder is coming over to look at the dishwasher. A client is coming in at noon. Then I’ll meet with Becky to make sure the new fridge will fit in the space. Andrew and I are meeting with a new client later tomorrow afternoon. And at some point the movers will get their dollys and my frame will be replaced.

And I’ll do so in a new place. A better place in every way than I was in on Thursday. For this I am grateful.

Recent Client Review of Ryan McKeen

I have worked with many lawyers in my career so I have a large comparison set for judgment. Ryan McKeen truly ranks as one of the best. My family had a very difficult house closing, which ultimately fell through. Ryan helped us get back on our feet, find a fabulous new real estate agent and get us a to a second close just a few months later. He was generous with his time, exceedingly fair with his billing and gave us confidence in the process. He is as straight forward and honest as they come. And will go the extra mile to help his clients. My family and I feel very fortunate to have worked with Ryan.


We love what we do. We love helping folks. Please let us know if we can help you. (860) 471-8333. Call today for a free consultation.

McKeen Law Firm Announces $300,000 Settlement In Car Accident Case

In September of 2013, we accepted a referral of a case from a Springfield firm. The case involved a rear end car accident in the HOV Lane of 91 south.

The defendants initially denied liability and only admitted it weeks before trial.

Our client suffered injuries to her neck and back.

Prior to suit, the defendants offered $50,000 to settle the claim.

When we were brought aboard, we first listened to our client’s story. We began to understand the impact that the accident had on her life. The secret to case preparation is no secret at all. It all begins and ends with listening.

We referred her to one of the nation’s leading experts on life care plans in New York City. Our expert was able to develop and quantify a plan of care for our client. We then hired an economist to provide a present cash value of our client’s future medical expenses.

The defense hired an expert who essentially called our client a liar. We blew that nonsense out of the water.  We polarized and exposed that hooey for what it was.

We settled the claim after a lengthy mediation. Other lawyers told us we wouldn’t get more than $100,000 on the claim without a surgery or broken bone. We didn’t listen to those folks.

Ultimately we resolved the case for $300,000.

Injured? We can help. Contact us for a no charge consultation. We’re the lawyers who listen. (860) 471-8333.

Closing Time

Ryan and Allison McKeen

Today we closed on our new office (pictured above). We will be moving just around the corner from where we are now in Glastonbury. Our new address will be 437 Naubuc Avenue, Suite 107, in Glastonbury, CT. We will begin working from our new office on June 15th.

We are very grateful to a number of folks for being able to pursue this opportunity. First and foremost, our clients for making this all possible. We are blessed with some of the best clients that one could possibly hope for.

Many, many, thanks to Jeff Sawyer and his team at generation2 inc. We have been working with Jeff since December to make this happen. At every step of the way, Jeff helped guide us into making the office what it is. Working with him was seemless. His attention to detail and perfectionism is reflected in all of the details of the space. We wish Jeff well on his new venture.

Our attorney, Peter Van Dyke helped us navigate the wickets of a commercial real estate transaction. Pete is a longtime friend and one of the truly good guys in the legal community.

We are very excited to be working in the space collaboratively with Andrew Garza of the Law Offices of Andrew P. Garza and Ryan Gritter of The Gritter Firm. We are thrilled to be office mates with Andrew and Ryan.  They are kind and smart. We believe that the collaboration between our respective firms will enable all of us to better serve our clients.

In the very near future, we anticipate we’ll be adding a third office mate. We’ll keep you posted.

We are grateful for the support of our parents. Having a dad who is willing and able to build networks for the office is a major help. Having a dad who is willing to wait in the office for things like furniture deliveries is priceless. We are grateful for this and all of the support our families have given us over the years. And their encouragement of our ventures.

And we are tremendously grateful to our employees for helping with our transition to the new space. A number of my old paper files are being scanned and will not be making the move. Files don’t scan themselves.

The purchase, design and move have been a major undertaking for us over the past 6 months. We are doing this because we know the office will help us better serve our clients. We are in a prime location. We have easy access to Route 2, Route 3, and 91. In terms of amentities, Starbucks, Max Fish, Chipolte, J Gilberts, B Good’s and Max Amore are all a short walk away. We will have ample parking for our clients.

The conference room has been specifically wired to allow us to expand our use and scope of cutting edge focus groups. Doing focus groups inexpensively and efficiently gives our clients and cases a major advantage.

Our office reflects the ideals of our firm. It is an extension of our values. We value efficiency, transparency, and quality work. We do not have a waiting room. We don’t like waiting. We don’t want our clients to wait. Being paperless allows us to use our office in ways not possible as recently as 5 years ago. It is consequent to the last detail.

The office is warm and inviting. We understand folks come to us in their darkest hour. We designed the office to maximize light.

And most of all, we believe being able to share ideas, resources, and support with like minded attorneys will help us to innovate and improve our respective practices.

We look forward to seeing you.

Doing Some Good With Achilles CT

We love Achilles International CT.  Ryan serves as General Counsel.

We were very happy to co-sponsor Achilles CT’s first annual Pub Night Fundraiser at the Hooker Brewery on May 22nd. We contributed some amazing BBQ from the good folks at Bears.

It was a fantastic evening filled with inspiration. The work Achilles CT does changes lives.

The event raised $5103.00 for Achilles CT. Go Team Achilles CT!

Starting A Law Firm? You Need A Supplier

Opening and running your own practice involves a lot of things. One of those things is buying stuff. The stuff you need to run your show. Stuff like pens, paperclips, coffee, and tape.

Anything that saves you time and money – makes you money.

One of the best things that I’ve done for my practice in this respect is getting a WB Mason account. They offer same day delivery in most cases at prices lower than major office supply stores and Amazon.

Getting what I need quickly and inexpensively means more time to focus on what matters – family and clients.

I get nothing for this post. I’m not paid by WB Mason. This is a post that I wish I had read years ago. So I wrote it.

Starting A Law Firm? Use A Password Manager.

In order to run our firm, we must be able to securely access websites. For example, our bank, our accounting software, and our practice management software.

Passwords are the lowest hanging fruit on the security tree.

Today’s law firms must use password managers to generate unique and complex passwords.

Give Lastpass or 1Password a try. Protect your data. Protect your clients. Protect yourself.

Choosing not to use a password manager is negligent if your data gets breached.

Eight Reasons We Won’t Take Your Case

A lot of law firm advertising is centered around “have a case…call us” (see below). We do that too. However, we are selective in the cases we take. Being selective is the only way to insure that when we take a case that we can properly handle it. This benefits us and more importantly our clients.

Here are 8 reasons we won’t take your case:

1. Outside our areas of practice. Law is complicated and getting more complicated. It is impossible for any lawyer to be competent in more than a few areas of law. For example, if you come to us with a workers compensation case, we will refer it to a competent workers compensation attorney.

2. No claim. We evaluate our cases carefully. Every case we select has merit. We are happy to discuss all sorts of claims. In the very least, you will leave with an opinion as to whether or not you have a claim.

3. Our caseload. The fastest way to sink a ship is to put too much stuff on it. The same hold true with law practice. I can’t appear for you in court on Monday if I’m preparing to try someone else’s case on Tuesday. Each case is very important to us and warrants our undivided attention. If we can’t take your case we will refer you to someone who can.

4. Conflict. We cannot sue folks who we represent or who we have represented. The conflict check is the very first thing we do. If we have a conflict, you will know this immediately and be referred to someone who does not have the conflict.

5. Not A Match. Few relationships are as important as that of attorney-client. If you feel your attorney is not a match you should get a new one. Similarly, if we feel a client is not a match we will decline representation. Reasons clients may not be a match stem from a differences of opinion as to strategy or expectations. For example, we will not take any family case where the objective of the client is to “destroy” their spouse.

6. Economics of the case. We will decline representation where it makes no economic sense for the client. If the legal costs are likely to exceed any gain we will tell you this. We have helped numerous folks file small claims documents by themselves.

7. Geography. It often makes no sense for our firm to do a real estate closing in a place like Danielson. It is simply too far for both us and the parties involved. We are happy to tell you this and suggest local counsel.

8. We Feel You Would Be Better Served By Someone Else. This is sort of a blend of reasons 1 and 5 but it’s a different beast. We represent lots of injured folks. However, we know some lawyers who through experience may be better suited to handle your specific kind of claim. For example, we have referred out major pharmaceutical cases to national firms.

We apply these criteria to each of our cases. So you know, that if we accept your case, we are prepared to properly prosecute it.

CONTACT US TO DISCUSS YOUR CASE. (860) 471-8333 or use the form below.


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