Thanksgiving is Thursday. I know this because last week, I told a client looking to make an appointment that I had “good availability” at the end of next week. To which he responded “of course you do, it’s Thanksgiving”.

For whatever reason, the law practice management software we use, does not label holidays. Ergo, Thanksgiving wasn’t in my calendar.

The strangest thing about leaving a job and owning my own firm has been how it has changed my relationship with both time and work.

If you ask me when we opened the doors to our office, I have to think about the answer. It feels like years ago. It was actually a little more than 3 weeks ago.

You could tell me it was March and I may believe you.

Saturday and Sunday aren’t the same. They’re just days that banks are closed and my daughter does not have daycare and I don’t have court.

For both better and worse (mostly better) I see posts on Facebook like “two day workweek!” and I can’t relate. I can’t relate because I pretty much work constantly. I can’t relate because I love what I do and work doesn’t feel like work.

Anyhow, Happy Saint Patr Thanksgiving.