Social Security Numbers Of Dead Persons Are Available Online

Find them for free on the Social Security Death Index.

Tomorrow is Ted Williams’ birthday. If living, he’d be turning 93. His social security number isĀ 565-03-1343.

In today’s world people rightfully go to great lengths to ensure the confidentiality of social security numbers which is why it’s so shocking to see them available at the click of a mouse.

One thought on “Social Security Numbers Of Dead Persons Are Available Online

  1. That is unbelievable! I have heard of people using the deceaseds’ social security number to fradulently obtain credit; apparently, they search death records or visited graveyards looking for names and birthdate which could latter be used to obtain the number. This had to have been difficult, but this website link is too easy. In fact, I ran the name of an acquaintance who died 3 weeks ago, and the information was already available. Although I di not know how it can be done, I’m certain that a certain type of person could quickly figure out how to use this information to get death benefits, insurance proceeds, etc. Thanks for alerting us to this website!

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