Westlaw Next Now Allows Cases To Be Sent To Your Kindle

I don’t own a Kindle…….yet.  Some day, I’ll get one if for no other reason than moving books is not my favorite job. My wife owns one and it’s really cool.

Amazon KindleMy firm just upgraded to Westlaw Next and overall I’m impressed. The other day, I went to print a case, and the drop down menu gave me the option of sending it to a Kindle. That alone is almost reason enough to purchase one.

I hate carrying large briefcases to court. The idea that I could have lots of relevant law for a case available at my finger tips excites me.  As does the idea that I could download a lot of cases and read them later without having to carry around a paper folder.

The future is paperless. Now all I have to do is convince my wife or my firm that the Kindle is another gadget that I absolutely need.